Working Together

Think of me as your guide on an interpretive trail.

My goal is to support you in forging your unique path, bringing your outer world into alignment with your inner world, creating soul-aligned success (that is, success by your definition) and fostering fulfilled living while advancing what’s most important to you.

By breaking through blocks, reclaiming your life energy, and aligning with your personal rhythm to support sustainable contribution to what matters most, personally and professionally!

Benefits of Mentoring
By shedding non-supportive beliefs, your mental and emotional landscape clears, overwhelm dissipates, and conviction to your mission emerges.

  • Feelings of being frustrated, stuck and depleted are replaced with possibility and curiosity.
  • You become more discerning, choosing actions and how you use your time more wisely.
  • As you begin to see yourself (and situations) differently, confidence and self-expression take a quantum leap forward.
  • Embracing your healthy feminine and masculine characteristics brings you into your own light – your authentic expression of self.
  • As you lead yourself with kindness and compassion, this way of being shines through you, cultivating compassionate connection and sustainable regenerative contribution to self and society.

Gain clarity, overcome overwhelm, polish your inner gifts, let go of what gets in your way, and make space for what matters most – while upholding your health, happiness and inner peace; while cultivating ever-growing soul-aligned success.

Authentic freedom reveals itself to you as we break down the blocks from inherited emotional encumbrances, allowing space for clarity and success (as you define it) to emerge with the ever-increasing ease that comes when you lead yourself from the inside out.


  • What are you feeling called to work on? 
  • What are your desires? Those that perhaps have been placed at the bottom of your list, or not acknowledged at all?
  • What do you feel may be getting in your way?

Mentoring is an incredibly important relationship, one that builds on trust and connection. With the exception of single Laser Sessions, an exploratory conversation is a prerequisite for my 1:1 mentoring packages.

Please book a time for us to talk, so I may gain an understanding of what you are feeling called to work on and how I can best support you.



"I needed to do SOMETHING to move my business ideas forward, and I liked a lot of what I’d read on Suzy’s blog. I went into our work together thinking I’d emerge with a business plan, or some other concrete “product.” What I got out of it was SO much more valuable! I was able to identify all the ways I limit myself, to look at self-sabotaging behaviors, and to explore the reasons behind my lack of confidence around my work. As a result of my work with Suzy I have started saying NO to things (which is huge for me), and when people ask me what I do for work, I’ve stopped saying, “I’m trying to start a business” and started saying, “I have a business.” Through this program I really recognized how important the work I’m doing is to me, and I’ve started putting myself out in the world with more confidence. I’m meeting with my first paying clients this afternoon!"

Carrie Andrews

Advanced Care Planning & Patient Advocacy,

“Wow! I have been working with Suzy for several months and have seen so much growth both personally and professionally. Within the first two sessions Suzy helped uncover a memory which started the process of unraveling my fear of failure. Such quick change happened with gentle, light-hearted conversations; pointed questions; simple, relevant goal setting; lots of laughter and a few releasing tears–no pushing.

I wouldn’t trust just anyone to mentor me, but Suzy has led a life that I admire. She has been through enough growing pains and bumpy roads of her own, that I trust her wisdom. She also has challenged herself to be completely true to her inner knowing.

I love how Suzy glows. I love her commitment to joy and ease. I love her strength of character. I love her unpretentious spirituality. I love the mischievous look on her face when she is ready to give me an assignment. I just LOVE my Suzy time! Each week I look forward to what I can work on next.”

Anna H.

Port Townsend, Washington

I have known Suzy for over 15 years and have witnessed her overcome her own busyness and transform her life. She is an inspiration to so many, a gifted teacher and mentor. I gained so much from her deep wisdom and insightful guidance. She truly walks her talk. I am honored to call her a friend and excited about the important work she is doing to help women do less and live more!

“If you have a chance to work with Suzy, just do it!”
Barbara Huson (Stanny), Leading Authority on Women,Wealth and Power – Author of Sacred Success, A Course in Financial Miracles

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