Do you often feel Overwhelmed? Has being busy lost its charm? Are you Feeling tired, anxious and frazzled?

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I'm Ready to Overcome Overwhelm
Does this sound familiar:
“I’ve got too much going on, I don’t have a moment to think myself.”
“I can’t say no because they are counting on me.”
“I’m too tired to leave the house tonight and meet up with friends.”
Imagine having the strength to say “no” to the things you feel you “should” do and “yes” to your desires.
Imagine having time for yourself and not ever feeling any guilt about making that time.
Imagine how you would feel, if you expended as much energy on yourself as you do everyone else.
Sacred selfishness founder: suzy carroll
Hi, My name is Suzy Carroll and for most of my adult life I was an over-doer and over-pleaser. I said yes to almost everything, I volunteered, worked hard and multi-tasked like a pro.

Being busy became a habit, in fact, even though I was tired, overwhelmed and craving work/life balance, I could not stop without feeling agitated. My social life was slipping away, I was just too tired to do anything extra and I was so stuck on the busy hamster wheel. I wasn’t even sure what “fun” meant to me anymore.

My sense of self was coming from how much I accomplished. The positive accolades received from others fed something that was missing in me and I had the ‘disease to please’ bad!

And then one day, my good friend Barbara Stanny said “Suzy, you are addicted to Busy-ness” and my quest for a more peaceful, fulfilling life began.

Countless conversations along with in-depth research interviewing busy, overwhelmed women confirmed I had discovered the key step to overcoming overwhelm.

Women are on the verge of exhaustion…And yet women keep saying yes to work, to family, to most everything”. -Peggy Drexler Ph.D.,
We live in a world piled high with responsibilities and a culture that sends the message “we can do it all”. The world around us is changing fast and seems more unsettling than ever. There has never been a more important time to transform chaotic lives, cultivate inner harmony and build a firm foundation to stand on.

“I’m impressed by how methodical and focused Suzy is. You can learn a lot from somebody with her talents. I don’t step into my power all the time, and Suzy’s support has given me courage on more than one occasion to move forward with ideas and intentions for my business. My employees need me to be the strong one…It’s good to have someone like Suzy at your side to be the wind at your back. She’s been an integral part of my support system.”

Wildflour Restaurant & Bakery

“Suzy has a gift and talent for creating a safe space, whether it’s bringing a group of people together, or building trust one-on-one. When you talk to Suzy she is with you, she is engaged—and you don’t have to second-guess that. Through her storytelling and sharing, she is an exceptional model that ‘YES’, what you want can be done, work through the overwhelm, and move into the next phase of your life. I’ve witnessed her help many women, including myself, push through the barriers that hold us back.”

Kristin Manwaring Insurance

“Suzy showed me ways to lighten my load and I actually created more abundance that way. I came out ahead financially. And even today, I’m healthy, on point, present, and I’m not a crabby mom. I work less hours and now have a wait list of clients”

Face Of Grace Skincare

I remember what it was like living in overwhelm, not sleeping well because my monkey mind never turned off.
Feel relaxed and most important create a life that feeds your soul.
It’s time to take your life back!
Introducing my Sacred Selfishness Course
Sign up by July 5th and receive $100.00 off! Just enter code: SACRED100 when registering.

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In my six session Tele-seminar (all you need is your phone) you will learn:
How to identify patterns that are keeping you stuck in overwhelm
How to end the cycle of over-doing and over-committing
Learn methods for shifting out of anxiousness and into a relaxed state
Why putting yourself first is one of the most loving things you can do for others
Health habits for improved sleep and energy
Mindfulness techniques that create self-expansion and transformation
Learn the holy trinity of self-care
The power of being in community with women who understand you
“Instead of learning to nourish ourselves, we have learned to ignore ourselves.”
-Regena Thomashauer (aka, Mama Gena)
The word ‘selfish’, until just a few years ago, was not part of my vocabulary. I was attending a retreat and the leader asked us to share what we were passionate about. As we took turns, each of us shared something we wanted to accomplish that would positively impact the world until, one brave woman said with tears in her eyes, “I just want to be selfish. I want to do what I love. I want to create and grow my business”. There were 12 of us at the table. We were stunned into silence. What happened next was magic. We all exhaled and the conversation shifted from what we would do outwardly to change the world, to how we could be selfish and fierce for ourselves.

Sacred, as defined by Merriam-Webster includes: Entitled to reverence and respect. Highly valued and important .
And therein lies the rub. Do you value yourself? Do you view yourself with reverence and love? Many of you will say “no”, I know I did. But here’s a little secret, when you put yourself first, your entire inner world changes and your outer world changes too!

We all encounter a time in our life when we need to feel hope We need to feel that we are enough.
We need to feel that we are a part of something that matters.

Sacred Selfishness
– honoring yourself and treating yourself like the valuable human being that you are is how you bring back ‘hope’. When you practice ‘sacred responsibility’ for yourself you offer yourself the chance to exhale. Then add “this is when I coined this phrase.


“The problem is that none of us were taught that pleasure is a vital nutrient. Rather, we were taught to ignore pleasure and place all of our attention on what our culture values the most:
a job well done”. -Regena Thomashauer
Are you ready to exhale?
I’ve created a blueprint of tools and strategies to dissolve the “busy” habit in your life
so you hold the reigns again.
Here’s a sampling of what you will learn:
SESSION 1 – Opening the closet doors.

Learn the difference between busy and busyness and which one leads to personal and professional success.
The five stages of busy. What to know. What to avoid.
Why pushing is not sustainable and what to do instead.
What’s really driving you? What’s the need underneath the pleasing and over-doing?
The three key words you use every day and how these words will guide you to feeling calmer and happier.
Taking your personal inventory – cleaning your internal closet.
Why knowing your core values is so important to staying out of overwhelm.
Learn the first of the holy trinities of self-care: Quieting your mind.

SESSION 2 – Sacred Selfishness – The ‘practice’ begins.

Learn the three types of stress and how to lessen your stress load.
The importance of self-care for professional and personal success…
Why depletion happens and how to quickly shift out.
Learn how to shift out of reacting and into intentional action.
Identify the patterns that keep you on the hamster wheel and how to exit.

SESSION 3 – Creating Spaciousness.

How to say “no” with grace and feel good saying it.
Why setting boundaries is integral to sacred selfishness and how to do this in a way that honors yourself and others.
How to use your emotions as your guidance system to positive change.
How your to-do list is contributing to fatigue and a better way to “do” your lists.
How to create spaciousness and stay out of overwhelm.
Why making yourself a priority serves more than just you.

SESSION 4 – Becoming the Uncluttered Woman.

Learn how ‘uncluttering’ allows the ‘three C’s: Clarity, Confidence, Calm’ to emerge.
Discover a powerful tool for loosening your grip and letting go.
Why we make mountains out of molehills and how to stop.
How to stop, relax and what not to avoid.
The secret to unlocking your true self.
Learn the second Holy Trinity of self-care – Feed your Soul.
Why creating ‘transition’ time in your day is so important to soul nourishment.

SESSION 5 – Keeping ‘it’ Real.

Learn the truth about life balance and why striving for balance actually adds to overwhelm.
Get intentional with ‘busy’ for increased focus.
How to create a supportive group of women around you and why this may be one of the most sacred acts of selfishness you can do for yourself that positively impacts your personal and professional life.
How to use your thoughts to create a life you love.
Learn the third of the holy trinities of self-care: Nourish the Body.
The ‘health’ of busy: How to eat for blood sugar balance, energy, better sleep and what you need to know about fatigue.

SESSION 6 – Emerging.

Learn the question that leads to doing more of what serves you and less of what doesn’t.
Designing your own unique blueprint – Using the Holy Trinities of self-care to stay on track.
When clutter slips back in…the signals to be aware of and the best tools to use for shifting.
Learn a powerful method for staying focused and…getting out of town with ease.
Applying what you have learned – the daily practice of Sacred Selfishness

My dear friend, Barbara Stanny says, “While ‘intention’ is a magnet that attracts what we want, ‘letting go’ provides the space for our desire to manifest.”  Are you ready to quiet your mental chatter, let go of what is cluttering your life, create white space to relax in, give overwhelm the boot and make you and your happiness a priority?

Barbara Stanny, The Leading Authority on Wealth and Women

Sign up by July 5th and receive $100.00 off! Just enter code: SACRED100 when registering.

**Fast Action Bonus** For the first 10 people who register you will also receive a FREE 30-minute 1:1 Coaching Call with me valued at $150.

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Plus, you will have access to our vibrant online community where you can receive online support from me and other members going through the course.
BONUS Set Your Sacred Intentions Call. We will all come together to set our Sacred Intentions for this course and I will share mine with you. Register by midnight July 2, 2017, to receive this call valued at $300.
**Fast Action Bonus** For the first 10 people who register you will also receive a FREE 30-minute 1:1 Coaching Call with me valued at $150.
What are you waiting for?
Start doing less and living more today.
Yes, I want to join sacred selfishness today!

**Course Starts July 5, 2017**

Sign up by July 2nd and receive $100.00 off! Just enter code: SACRED100 when registering.

Suzy’s Sacred Guarantee….If you are not satisfied with the course, simply let me know by the end of the 2nd call and I will happily give you a full refund
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