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Below are MINI-GUIDES with strategies for Overcoming Overwhelm,  Creating a Sisterhood of Support, How to say “NO” and even a guide to determine if you’re too busy and just don’t know it (after all, busy is sneaky)!

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3 Steps to Break the Cycle of Overcome Overwhelm. 
“Stepping out of the busyness, stopping our endless pursuit of getting somewhere else, is perhaps the most beautiful offering we can make to our spirit”. ~Tara Brach

Finding your true yes, begins with saying “no”. This two letter word is also how you begin to make your well-being a priority. 

Has Busy Gotten the Best of You [Quiz]. *Busy becomes a baseline way of feeling. It sneaks up and becomes habit. If you’re tired, overwhelmed, burned out or curious…take the quiz!

It’s Easier than you Think – Here’s How!
By far the most life enhancing step I have ever taken. I would not be where I’m at personally and professionally without creating this level of support! 

That Inspire & Energize! Expand your Capacity, Get Curious, Lead like a Woman – Turn up your light and shine!


Seven Steps to Creating a Life you Love (or Love More). *My most downloaded mini-guide!* Grab a friend and support each other in adopting a ‘step’ per week. 

I created this form for myself. Depending on the type of new habit, it takes anywhere from 18-254 days to integrate. Nothing will happen unless you begin. 

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