About Mentoring – The Benefits

I’m often asked “why mentoring and not coaching?”  

Coaching is often defined as performance driven and goal oriented – while mentoring is development driven…

The purpose of mentoring is to build capability, develop wisdom, resilience, discernment and foster your authentic potential, while offering support that allows you to set your own goals and trail blaze your own path to flourishment (flourish + nourish + fulfillment).

What I bring to the table is very valuable – a plethora of real-life, hands on experience!

Combining 35+ years of work/life experience; along with data collected from interviewing busy, overwhelmed women all over the world, all the while deep-diving into my own psyche to document how I overcame my addiction to busyness, led to creating a framework that guides women to the clarity and liberation that comes when you lead yourself from the inside out!

WHAT DOES ALL THIS MEAN TO YOU? My proven methods help you shift out of overdrive and unwind from overwhelm, by identifying the behaviors and hidden beliefs (yes – we all have them) that are blocking your path to achieving or furthering success (by your definition) without a cost to your well-being!

Benefits to you…

CoachesWe all get stuck and hit our own walls | Mentoring quickly helps you tap into your own innate wisdom, get you past your stuck points, renew enthusiasm and if you choose, take your business to the next level and most important, receive support and encouragement – the very thing you so passionately offer to others – you deserve for yourself.

EntrepreneursThere are so many choices, possibilities and responsibilities | Mentoring illuminates ‘what’s most important’, imparting the knowledge to guide your business, while maintaining your well-being, enthusiasm and deriving joy from the process (not the end result).  

LeadersOf companies, organizations, movements, non-profits. There is pressure to perform, goals to achieve and people to please | My mentoring teaches you how to ‘lead from the inside out’ – learn how to find your calm within the chaos, overcome limiting beliefs and lead with clarity, conviction, confidence and healthy compassion, connection and contribution to self and to society.

The Socially Conscious IndividualYou’ve got the itch for something more, perhaps to be a change-maker or thought leader | Mentoring, partners with the explorer in you, helping you find your purpose through illuminating your innate strengths and gifts, discovering what lights you up and gathering up all the unique ingredients that make you, you to create your own delicious recipe for your next step in life.


I mentor and teach exclusively from experience. Using years of “coaching” my staff and employee’s and an intuitive ability to ‘feel’ and ‘hear’ the guidance most helpful for my clients. I have been referred to as the ‘Dalai Mama’, a term I take to heart – mentoring to impart knowledge, inspiration, support and guidance to discover the depth of your own wisdom and encouraging you forward with both career and personal aspirations.
*Note. I am an advocate of professional therapy (something I use for myself) and find that my style of mentoring, often clarifies where professional guidance will be helpful and serves well as an adjunct to ongoing therapeutic guidance.

My definition of Authentic Potential:
The buzz word “full potential” eludes that we are not whole as we are and suggests that one must always be striving for more. “Authentic Potential” describes a state of being where one has come into alignment with their true self. Revealing previously hidden beliefs, releasing what does not serve your highest and greatest good, getting out of your own way (which is often other people’s way) and focusing on what matters most. Authentic Potential fosters increased productivity, innovation, creativity and most important inner well-being.

My definition of a Mission-Inspired Woman:
A woman who is courageously taking the inward journey to access her authentic potential, inspiring others to do the same. She’s a woman who owns her messiness and goes for it anyway…at her own pace, allowing her true self to emerge by using her current reality as the building blocks to the healthy evolution of ‘self’ – no longer being led by outside influences – leading herself, from the inside out!

My definition of a Leader:
See Mission-Inspired. By the way, this is also the definition of a ‘Virago’ Women (the name of my Facebook Group)

I use story, exploratory teaching, reflection and laughter, guided by the ‘Six Principles of Soul-Aligned Success’ framework, to enhance inner exploration to further your mission and life, and achieve your definition of success.

“I had the pleasure of sitting down with Suzy over coffee while I was in the midst of the “crazed” phase of planning a community event. Suzy’s candid and down to earth account of her journey from chronic busyness and exhaustion to restoration, intention, and balance was a breath of fresh air. Not only was it exactly what I needed to hear, I wanted that message to get to my co-organizers of the event, and to the participants, as well. I made an on-the-spot invitation to Suzy to speak about her journey. It can be so easy to accept things that don’t really serve us as “normal” or “the way things are. Suzy is someone who had the courage to believe that we don’t have to live this way, and went on to blaze a trail that shows the rest of us what is possible.”

Rachel L. Williams

MBA, Owner, Gifts of Good Work, Port Townsend, WA

“Suzy has a gift and talent for creating a safe space, whether it’s bringing a group of people together, or building trust one-on-one. When you talk to Suzy she is with you, she is engaged—and you don’t have to second-guess that. Through her storytelling and sharing, she is an exceptional model that ‘YES’, what you want can be done, work through the overwhelm, and move into the next phase of your life. I’ve witnessed her help many women, including myself, push through the barriers that hold us back.”


Kristin Manwaring Insurance, Port Townsend, Washington

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