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I’m honored that you’re taking time to learn about me and I welcome the opportunity to learn about you!

My story (short version): I was raised by a narcissist mother, as a result I lived most of my adult life in a cloud of self-doubt, overwhelm and pushed myself hard, not realizing I was driven by an unmet need to ‘be enough’, to be accepted and to feel appreciated.

This way of being, began with a suicide attempt in early adulthood and led to anxiousness, overwhelm, perfectionism and people pleasing…all the while achieving ‘success’ at a huge cost to my well-being and eventually adrenal burnout.

Today, healed and awakened to a healthier way of being, I use my decades of business, leadership and life experience guiding women to living a life without the encumbrances of self-defeating thoughts and beliefs.

The benefits…overwhelm dissipates, clarity and confidence expand and you accomplish more, with less effort and without a cost to your well-being.

My Experience…

I’m professionally trained as a wellness and nutrition consultant and understand the toll stress has on mind, body and spirit. I have lobbied in Washington DC on behalf of health and well-being. I have served as an educator of my own programs and in collaboration with health organizations. I’m a founding member of the Port Townsend Education Foundation, have served on numerous boards (at times, all at once – I don’t recommend this), I have led community events, created collaborative efforts between business organizations and trained people in customer relations and sales all over the country. 

My leadership experience began at the age of 24 as VP of Marketing and later as Director of Advertising in print media and National Sales Director in manufacturing. Most recently, a decade owning a nutrition wellness center, nominated by Washington State for the small business of the year award.

My expansive professional experience spanning forty years, along with personal experience living in overwhelm, pushing myself hard in order to feel a semblance of being enough, provides me a unique perspective for guiding women out of overwhelm and self-doubt and liberating the leader within.

On a personal note: I am a mom (a single mom when my son was young), happily married (second time – oh so much better), lover of the outdoors – hiking, camping, paddle boarding, skiing and what’s simple – cloud watching, beach walking with my fur kid, and my most favorite thing of all – inspiring conversation with interesting people!

About Mentoring…

I’m often asked “why mentoring and not coaching?”  

Coaching is often defined as performance driven and goal oriented – while mentoring is development driven…

The purpose of mentoring is to build capability, develop wisdom, resilience and discernment to foster your authentic potential, while offering support that allows you to set your own goals and trail blaze your own path, fostering what I call “flourishment (flourish + nourish + fulfillment). 

What I bring to the table is astute and passionate guidance born from real-life, hands on experience that guides women to shifting overwhelm, by identifying the behaviors and hidden beliefs (yes – we all have them) that are blocking your path to achieving or furthering success (by your definition) without a cost to your well-being! 

My Mentoring Style:
Sessions flow based on your unique outcome desires
while supporting you in revealing the depth of your own wisdom and encouraging you forward with both career and personal aspirations.
During our sessions, I tap into components of my ‘Calling in Clarity’ curriculum and my Six Principles of Soul-Aligned Success framework guided by intuition and experience, inspiring you to trail blaze a path that’s the best fit for you!

*Note. I’m an advocate of professional therapy and find that my style of mentoring, often clarifies where professional guidance may be helpful and serves well as an adjunct to ongoing therapeutic practices.

“I am so glad I found you. Deep breath. Just to have connected with you has made me feel less alone. Your words of wisdom about being in transition and giving myself permission has helped so much. I have post-its all around saying, ‘I give myself permission.’ The shift has been huge for me internally.”

Anne, Australia

“Suzy has a gift and talent for creating a safe space, whether it’s bringing a group of people together, or building trust one-on-one. When you talk to Suzy she is with you, she is engaged—and you don’t have to second-guess that. Through her storytelling and sharing, she is an exceptional model that ‘YES’, what you want can be done, work through the overwhelm, and move into the next phase of your life. I’ve witnessed her help many women, including myself, push through the barriers that hold us back.”


Kristin Manwaring Insurance, Port Townsend, Washington

“I had the pleasure of sitting down with Suzy over coffee while I was in the midst of the “crazed” phase of planning a community event. Suzy’s candid and down to earth account of her journey from chronic busyness and exhaustion to restoration, intention, and balance was a breath of fresh air. Not only was it exactly what I needed to hear, I wanted that message to get to my co-organizers of the event, and to the participants, as well. I made an on-the-spot invitation to Suzy to speak about her journey. It can be so easy to accept things that don’t really serve us as “normal” or “the way things are. Suzy is someone who had the courage to believe that we don’t have to live this way, and went on to blaze a trail that shows the rest of us what is possible.”

Rachel L. Williams

MBA, Owner, Gifts of Good Work, Port Townsend, WA

There is no stopping a woman devoted to her own well-being and powered by a well-nourished soul!

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