As a young adult, I attempted suicide. The morning ‘after’ I remember hearing the words “you have hit rock bottom, there is no where to go but up.” And so began decades of striving upwards in pursuit of “being enough.”

As a result, I excelled professionally but struggled personally. In my late forty’s, well on my way to full-on burn out, I received my wake-up call…from this point forward I began to redefine success and leadership and embrace this truth – to be an effective and impact-full leader, you must first learn how to lead yourself.

I’m professionally trained as a nutrition consultant and understand the toll stress has on mind, body and spirit. I have lobbied in Washington DC on behalf of health and well-being. I have served as an educator of my own programs and in collaboration with health organizations. I’m a founding member of an Education Foundation that lives on, served on numerous boards (at times, all at once – I don’t recommend this), I have led community events, created collaborative efforts between business organizations and trained people in customer relations and sales all over the countryall at a great cost to my own well-being.

My leadership experience began at the age of 24 as VP of Marketing and later as Director of Advertising in print media and National Sales Director in manufacturing. Most recently, a decade owning a nutrition wellness center, nominated by Washington State for the small business of the year award. My expansive professional experience, along with decades of personal experience living in overwhelm, and feeling like I was never “enough” provides me a unique perspective for guiding women from being good leaders to being great leaders, and as I like to say, “kicking ass, without getting your ass kicked.”

On a personal note: I am a mom (a single mom when my son was young), happily married (second time – oh so much better), lover of the outdoors – hiking, camping, paddle boarding, skiing and what’s simple – cloud watching, beach walking with my fur kid, and my most favorite thing of all – inspiring conversation with interesting people!

What’s Important to Me…

My passion to make a positive impact on our world, led first to the creation of Sacred Selfishness™: The Practice of Prioritizing Self (your antidote to overwhelm). It is the practice of putting yourself first, giving to yourself first, so you have more to give to the world, but not from a place of resentment and depletion, but from a place of health & happiness.

I’m very concerned about the health of our planet and the people living on it and how being in a leadership role so often leads to depletion, burnout and sadly, even a loss of integrity. The type of leadership I’ve been growing within myself the past ten years, is the kind that taps into the soul of self and brings forth authentic self-expression, fused with the inner spark that lights a leader’s path from the inside out, invoking an unshakable passion and conviction to the furthering (or beginning) of socially conscious, mission inspired accomplishment.

Our world needs leaders who have fused the positive traits of masculine and feminine, who are living in alignment with core values and are guided by the strength of integrity, passion, clarity, conviction, confidence and healthy compassion, connection and contribution (The six principals of Alchemy of Feminine Leadership framework).

Little known fact: Before I became a Mom, I was an adrenaline junkie and loved racing Hobie Cats – winning a Regional competition. Racing Hobie Cats also led to my first experience with setting boundaries…and that is a whole other story!

“I am so glad I found you. Deep breath. Just to have connected with you has made me feel less alone. Your words of wisdom about being in transition and giving myself permission has helped so much. I have post its all around saying “I give myself permission”. The shift has been huge for me internally.”

Anne, Australia

There is no stopping a woman devoted to her own well-being and powered by a
well-nourished soul.

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