Monday Morning Messages

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 When times are uncertain, smart women double-down with mindfulness and intention. I’m honored to offer morning messages as a focal point for staying true to yourself, while riding the often dizzy-making roller coaster of emotions, that accompany our current circumstances.

Every-other Monday you will receive your practice, to set the tone for the week ahead, followed by a week of integration. Click here to view an example (and a practice you can begin with right now!)

Your morning message is crafted to be easily absorbed in 10 minutes or less —setting the tone for your week ahead, while providing you with soundbites of wisdom and ideas to integrate.

I hope you will join me, in using this unprecedented time in history, to awaken to supportive ways of ‘being’…making strides towards releasing what no longer serves you and clearing your path for achieving what’s most important to you.

As a Patron you will also receive the downloadable mini-guide: The Holy Grail of Soul-Care which includes simple, yet powerful questions for making yourself a priority in your life!

PLUS, a monthly 30-minute, Zoom group discussion to digest and share your insights from your Monday Morning Message weekly practice. CLICK HERE TO JOIN!

 All for only $7.00 per month.
As a Patron, your small pledge offers support for creatives – writers, artists and ‘encouragers of thought’ that inspires change, like me! 

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