Having someone else ask the questions, brings out stories, knowledge and guidance for overcoming overwhelm, leading from the inside out, and stepping into your full potential, that may not have surfaced without prompts from curious people.

Step into your Worth

with Robbie Samuels, MSW on the Schmooze Podcast

  • The meaning of leadership
  • Reducing Overwhelm
  • The benefits of transitioning from being a people-pleaser, to a self-pleaser first

Work Smarter, Not Harder

with Holly Signorelli, Wealth Strategist & CPA

  • Why women are so overwhelmed
  • How men and women approach business differently
  • How being busy and success are different

The Dangers of Becoming Addicted to Busyness

with Elaine Fluker, Support is Sexy Podcast

  • The very real dangers of not slowing down.
  • The truth about balance.
  • How to build a powerful support network.

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Suzy Carroll is a leadership mentor, on a mission to inspire women to liberate themselves from the burden of “not enough” and the myth of “busy equals success.”

Her business background in print media management, as a national sales director and most recently, a decade owning a brick and mortar wellness center, nominated by Washington State for the small business of the year award, and as a nutrition consultant, along with decades of personal experience living in overwhelm, give her a unique perspective on guiding women out of overwhelm and burnout to living a fulfilled life (not an over full life).

Suzy has served on numerous boards (at times, all at once – and doesn’t recommend this), has led community events, created collaborative efforts between business organizations and trained people in customer relations and sales all over the country…all at a great cost to her own well-being.

Suzy teaches what she had to learn herself. As a daughter of a narcissistic mother she grew up being told not to be selfish. She numbed out from the feeling of “not being enough” by over-pleasing and over-doing.

Her own journey to creating a life of freedom, stability and spaciousness began while owning her business and navigating the recession. It was during the most stressful times that she began to develop methods that brought her ease, relaxation and relief.

Suzy sold her nutrition and wellness center the end of 2014 and a short while later embarked on a yearlong sabbatical (her ‘year of no’) to completely unhook from busyness, putting the braked on her overwhelmed lifestyle and committed to care for herself as well as she cares for others. She learned the deep-seated beliefs that lead women to over-pleasing, over-doing and overwhelm.

Suzy is a suicide survivor. This life event, as a young adult, ignited a lifelong passion for personal development, but it wasn’t until 2012 that the missing piece was revealed. This revelation, along with months of research interviewing woman from all over the world led Suzy to launching the movement – Sacred Selfishness™: The Practice of Prioritizing Self and most recently and her mentoring framework: Alchemy of Feminine Leadership™.

Contact Suzy at admin@suzycarroll.com 

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