Inspiring conversations with interesting people that provide both insight and ideas. Each interviewer has their own style which changes the flavor of the conversation, bringing out different notes from a similar theme.

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Spark Intention

Jenna Monaco | Certified meditation and mindfulness teacher, and certified stress coach.
In June of 2018, Jenna started the Spark Intention podcast with the mission is to remove the negative stigma surrounding mental health through education, open conversations, and empowering others to get the help they need. 


In this podcast Jenna and I talk about how to fill your unmet needs…along with many other tips and ideas for stepping into your most soul-aligned successful life!

The Dr. Zoe Show:
Redefining Superwoman

Dr. Zoe Shaw | Dr. Zoe Shaw is a licensed psychotherapist, relationship and life coach for Superwomen. She’s a mother of 5, writer, podcast host and health nut and is passionate about helping people create a healthy, thriving, productive life full of loving, healthy relationships including the one with yourself. 


In this episode, Dr. Zoe and I discuss how to gain clarity when you are feeling self-doubt and not enough syndrome – the difference between healthy busy and unhealthy busy and share strategies for how to gain clarity.

On this episode you’ll learn:

  • How to speak to and understand your self-doubt
  • Strategies to gain clarity when you’re feeling self-doubt
  • The difference between healthy busy and unhealthy busy
  • How to incorporate transition time into your day.
  • The very real dangers of not slowing down.
  • The first step to breaking the cycle of overwhelm.

We Are Women

Janeen Vosper | Brisbane, Australia. Author, keynote speaker, sales trainer and professional speaker coach providing women business leaders with the know-how to express themselves with skill & confidence enabling greater success in their career and in life.


Revealing the four stages of finding clarity in your life, Suzy explains how you can do and feel differently about the ‘shoulds’ in our lives, thus reducing the busy habit. Discover the difference between healthy busy (intentional and focused) and unhealthy busy (running on that hamster wheel and feeling exhausted and lacking intention and focus) and examining what you are tolerating.

In Her Voice

Kelly Covert | In Her Voice empowers visionary women to listen and live by their inner voice of wisdom so they can change the world. Weekly solo shows and interviews with women who are living out their big vision and living by their inner voice, inspire, teach and encourage us all to have the courage to believe in what our inner voice is asking us to do!


The antidote to overwhelm and why our current situation of living during an pandemic, can be used as an opportunity to reorient to a life with more east – advancing what matters most to you!
This podcast with Kelly also inspired a blog: Click here to read.

Females on Fire

Hayley Luckadoo is the founder Females on Fire! A podcast born out of a passion project and dedicated to women everywhere, providing an all-in-one platform for educational training and inspiration in both business and personal development.


So often clarity seems like this elusive thing that we’re supposed to have, but never seem to really know how to find. Gaining clarity in your personal life and your business leads to more happiness, success, and feelings of purpose in your life, but there is a process to actually finding it. In this episode, we talk about the 4 stages of finding clarity, along with several exercises and tips for how to gain and maintain it, both for your business and your personal life.

Brave + Well

Dr. Alysondra Duke created this podcast for women entrepreneurs, leaders, risk-takers and change-makers who want to up-level their lives and careers, AND who can sometimes struggle with anxiety, sadness, fear and self-doubt.


This important conversation shares ways to stay inspired and grounded during turbulent times, plus strategies for navigating those bumpy times in life.

The Goldenrule Revolution

Lucas Mack is the founder and CEO of 4th Avenue Media, executive director of Vulnerable Heroes, a nonprofit focused on helping men and their families heal from trauma, host of The Vulnerable Hero podcast as well as The Golden Rule Revolution podcast and and Healing Catalyst for people, especially men who carry concealed trauma.


A value packed interview! Lucas is a former TV News Reporter with a talent for conversation. We both quickly dropped in to vulnerable and raw sharing, while spinning strategies and ideas for heart-centered advancing of  business and life.

Sacred Emergence

Michelle Wong |  Inner Leader mavenis a dreamer, doer, visionary, and author of Set Your Own Sail: Fire Your Alarm Clock and Awaken to What’s Possible.  


A conversational style podcast, with tips for moving from overwhelm to mission-inspired! This conversation also taps into utilizing the Human Design system to enhance business and life.

Women Developing Brilliance

Kc Rossi helps female entrepreneurs create online courses to make a bigger impact and earn more money. She’s also a skilled interviewer so this 30-minute conversation is packed with morsels of valuable information.


  • Traits That Can Get Women Into Trouble
  • The BIG AHA From A Year-Long Sabbatical
  • Questions To Bring You Back Into The Present Moment
  • Core Wound Explained
  • Case Study – How To Say No
  • Defining a Brilliant Woman

Patricia Kathleen Talks

Patricia Kathleen is the founder of Wilde Agency (wilde.agency), host of 3 podcast series, short documentary film maker, author, and international speaker.


A discussion designed to further the global conversation in regards to the changing climate in entrepreneurial and founding roles.

The Power of Your Voice

Johnny Gyorke. Former high-end male model who overcame his challenges and fears who has thrived, not just survived when faced with speech difficulties, familial chaos and discontent. Click here to watch the interview on YouTube.


Step into your Worth

Robbie Samuels, MSW on the Schmooze Podcast. A weekly podcast that features interviews with talented professionals who have achieved success in their field or industry. I ask probing questions to get them to share untold stories about their leadership journey and how they built and sustained their professional network.


  • The meaning of leadership
  • Reducing Overwhelm
  • The benefits of transitioning from being a people-pleaser, to a self-pleaser first

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Holly Signorelli, Wealth Strategist & CPA. Holly Signorelli is a CPA, Wealth Strategist, Business Consultant, and Author. 


  • Why women are so overwhelmed
  • How men and women approach business differently
  • How being busy and success are different

The Dangers of Becoming Addicted to Busyness

Elaine FlukerOn this episode of the Support is Sexy podcast, Suzy openly shares her journey of self-discovery, self-awareness and forgiveness, and how — as a Mentor — she helps other women realize the same. Plus, she shares our dangerous compulsion to please as women, how to put your striving in context, how to cure your addiction to busyness and what it really means to have a life of balance.


  • The very real dangers of not slowing down.
  • The truth about balance.
  • How to build a powerful support network.

Full BIO and One-Sheet available upon request.

Suzy Carroll, mentor coach to over-40 women, is an irreverent champion of women breaking free of how society says they “should” be. Suzy teaches what she had to learn herself.

Based in a small town on the Olympic Peninsula, Wash., she reached wide and interviewed women from all over the world to curate her body of work. The data from these interviews sparked the creation of a movement called: Sacred Selfishness: The Practice of Prioritizing Self

Constantly evolving, Suzy has developed various frameworks in support of saying “yes” to yourself and “no” to how society says you “should be.” After years mentoring women, she recognized that the most prevalent and powerful outcome for clients (and herself) was shifting from being led by outside influences to leading with JOY.

In 2019, Suzy distilled her most potent teachings and created her signature mentoring system for women in business, leadership, and life transition called EMERGE INTO JOY: Say “goodbye” to what no longer serves you and “hello” to what does!


I’d be honored to join you on your podcast. Please email suzy@suzycarroll.com

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