• Make wise choices guided by inner knowing and what’s most important to you (not everyone else).
  • Advance your mission, and deepen impact – lead from a place of compassion, curiosity, and calm.
  • Discover your pace of grace… play more, relax more, love more, laugh more, and sleep better too.
  • Release patterns and emotional responses that no longer serve you -transcend unconscious blocks and blind spots – freeing yourself to do the work and live the life you feel called to (or discover what this is).

To schedule your complimentary 20-minute phone conversation (PST), email me directly at:

A La Carte Coaching
Shine light on blind spots, call in clarity, overcome overwhelm and bolstering inner strength for trailblazing a life that supports your well-being. 

Sessions are guided by your outcome desire, calling on methods catered to your specific needs, keen intuition, powerful reflection, and practices to support integration.

Please read the “SESSIONS MAY INCORPORATE” section below for additional information.


Consulting with a Twist
Conversations… for when you just wish you had somebody to bounce idea of off, talk things through with, or break through what’s blocking you.

Here’s what I’ve helped clients with: Get the financial ducks-in-a-row, release something you’re really good at, but just isn’t you, break through money blocks, launch your idea, take your business (and life) to the next level, make adjustments for ease, spark intentional transformation, or see an entirely different way.

Sabbatical Mentoring
Personalized to your needs and timeline, with a suggested 3-month minimum sabbatical commitment.

Sabbaticals are a powerful and potent step to unleashing the renewed true self within.

Entering into territory rarely charted – stepping outside of cultural norms – can be uncomfortable, however, with a skilled mentor who has walked the same path you’re embarking on – your intentional sabbatical will offer extraordinary renewal – opening the flow of new growth and possibilities.


 Emerge into Joy Program

This 1:1 highly supportive program guides you through a step-by-step process fostering deep transformation.

 Each session builds on the previous one with integration practices woven throughout and follows a proven four-step approach at a pace that is easy to incorporate into your busy life| $3,700. Inclusive.

 MY RATES ARE SIMPLE. $150 for 60 minutes (+ $35  for additional 15-minute blocks). 10% off a package of 3 or more sessions. Sliding scale (as space permits)… you can meet your basic needs, but have limited expendable income or it’s sometimes challenging to meet your basic needs.

SESSIONS MAY INCORPORATE (based on your needs):

Jungian methodology (shadow work – moving beyond past conditioning)
Eastern Wisdom (inner freedom and peace)
Social Neuroscience (human behavior and biology)
Imagery (power of the mind to create the life and living that you dream of)
Adult Learning Theory (using lived experience as a building block to transformation)
Shadow Work: Shines light on aspects of you hidden in your subconscious – the parts that didn’t fit into the family and social culture (conditioning). 90% of what’s in our shadow, according to the founder of psychotherapy, Carl Jung, is golden… the very aspects that allow you to live in your full expression, confident, joyful, authentic with unshakeable self-worth, self-respect, and self-esteem.

To schedule your complimentary 20-minute phone conversation (PST), email me directly at:

Coaching is NOT for individuals in crisis or individuals who haven’t done inner work on past trauma/abuse with a qualified professional. COACHING IS FOR individuals who are committed to personal growth and curious about working with the unconscious mind to access their inner wisdom, let go of limitations and create a life they love.
[Text HOME to 741741 to reach a volunteer Crisis Counselor.]

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