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Hello! I’m glad you’re here. I’ve outlined my offerings as best that words allow. With this thought in mind, please consider scheduling an exploration conversation (see button below). 

I offer three ways to work together: Al a Carte sessions, my signature ‘Emerge into Joy’ program, sabbatical mentoring (prerequisite – completion of the Emerge into Joy program). Group mentoring and retreats by request.

Testimonial Excerpts:
♥ “I learned that when I do things for my happiness and joy, the world responds. ~SB”
♥ “I found my voice and more importantly my joy. I have honestly never been more fulfilled, happier, and clear.” ~TG
♥ “Within the first two sessions, Suzy helped uncover a memory that started the process of unraveling my fear of failure.” ~AH

♥ “Through this program, I really recognized how important the work I’m doing is to me, and I’ve started putting myself out in the world with more confidence.” ~CA

    My belief is every woman is a leader. EMERGE INTO JOY benefits women in leadership, business, and women in life/work transition. 

    My Emerge into Joy program is steeped in transformational adult learning theory and guides over-40 women (or thereabout), like you in re-owning your power, reclaiming your energy, and relighting your inner fire.

    In Ten 1:1 Sessions:

    • Reveal what’s been driving you (hidden influences) and why.
    • Release (unwittingly adopted) limiting beliefs and energy-draining actions.
    • Respond differently – shifting social conditioning to self-conditioning.
    • Reorient to living and creating with joy in the lead (what matters most)

    *For an expanded program framework overview, please see below*

    The Emerge into Joy program fosters a “quickening” of supportive change.

    The knowledge, awareness, and transformation gained, will positively impact every corner of your life.

    Think of it this way, you don’t start college without knowing how to read. Revealing the invisible forces that drive you is essential to leading with joy and learning to ‘read’ your soul.

    • Give yourself the time and attention you need to recharge and sustain yourself.
    • Banish the tendency to overcommit (say “no” without feeling guilty).
    • Gain energy for “me time” and for work and play that’s important to you.
    • Melt self-doubt and feelings of “not enough.”
    • Be more engaged and present (cease future tripping).
    • Allow possibility and curiosity to lead you instead of “putting out fires.”

    Say “Goodbye” to What No Longer Serves You and
    “HELLO” to what does!


    Let’s talk for 30 minutes and see if what I offer is what you need, and create a plan that works for you.


    Expanded Program Framework Overview

    The Emerge into Joy program utilizes two learning methods for powerful transformation:
    Declarative Learning: What’s read in books, classrooms. The ‘Emerge into Joy’ Playbook fulfills this essential component of transformative learning.
    Procedural Learning: Acquisition and integration of new habits via reflection and repetition – key to embodying habits and beliefs that stick (building new neural pathways).


    SESSIONS 1-4:
    Reveal what’s getting in your way (that you’re not seeing). Gain a greater understanding of the hidden socially conditioned forces that lead women to overwhelm, over-extending, and people-pleasing. Create space for JOY to emerge by fostering mindful awareness.

    Release what is no longer serving you – calm the “monkey mind” and call-in clarity. By identifying hidden beliefs, feelings that trigger overwhelm, not enough, and self-comparison, come into focus. You gain valuable insight into where your energy leaks are and how to spend your precious life energy to achieve the results (and life) you desire.

    SESSIONS 5-8:
    Respond differently – shifting social conditioning to self-conditioning. The grip of self-doubt, “not enough,” and self-comparison loosens; healthy energy increases, motivation returns, overwhelm dissipates, and confidence expands. You make wise choices that support your mission, your wellbeing, and what matters most to you.

    Re-orient to the wisdom of your Soul – LEAD WITH JOY (not shoulds). No longer at the mercy of the perpetual “shoulds,” reliant on outside sources for your self-worth and happiness, or lost in the whirlwind of life, you re-own your power previously given away to others. You live in the present – expanding your ability to problem solve (without reacting), delight in the little things, and focus your precious time, energy, and attention on what truly matters to you.


    • Expand capacity for accomplishment, without overwhelm.
    • Claim your inner voice, and embrace authentic self-expression.
    • Communicate in ways that reflect the truth of who you are.
    • Sharpen focus and streamline your attention to “what matters most.”
    • Foster sustainable contribution to self, family, community, and society.
    • Become a trailblazer—break the culturally accepted paradigm that women must prove themselves,
      push hard to accomplish it all, and people-please to fit the mold of “good girl.”
    • Embrace an unwavering devotion to the well-being of ‘Self’; cultivating, time, space, and energy for what feeds your soul!


    Program package includes: The ‘Emerge into Joy’ 8-module playbook content (yours to keep), guided field exploration (integrating transformation), powerful in-person 60-minute zoom sessions, between-session email interaction, two additional 60-minute support sessions, PLUS, when paid in full, two bonus 1/2 hour sessions (clients love these!).

    Please know, that the program content is designed for women who are busy (and often tired) – it’s easy to follow and comprehend.  I work with no more than eight 1:1 clients per week, allowing optimal time and energy to support you and your process.

    Ways to work together: Al a Carte Mentoring (topic-focused session, $225/75-minutes), my signature ‘Emerge into Joy’ program, and sabbatical mentoring (prerequisite – completion of the Emerge into Joy program). Group offerings and retreats – by request.

    “After a year of a lot of loss, I started to really question where I was and what I wanted to do with my life. I knew I wanted a change as what used to fulfill me, especially my career, just wasn't anymore. Suzy's program helped me take a step back and really get in touch with what I WANTED, not what my job wanted, not what my clients wanted, not what my family wanted... but what I really wanted. Through her amazing course, I found my voice and more importantly my joy. I have honestly never been more fulfilled, happier, and clear and that alone has been the biggest and best gift.

    Tori Repka-Geller, IMBA, CIC

    President of Trace of Hope, Inc. and LOAMLife Consulting, Inc., Manhattan, NY,

    “I needed to do SOMETHING to move my business ideas forward, and I liked a lot of what I’d read on Suzy’s blog. I went into our work together thinking I’d emerge with a business plan, or some other concrete “product.” What I got out of it was SO much more valuable! I was able to identify all the ways I limit myself, look at self-sabotaging behaviors, and explore the reasons behind my lack of confidence in my work. As a result of my work with Suzy, I have started saying NO to things (which is huge for me), and when people ask me what I do for work, I’ve stopped saying, “I’m trying to start a business” and started saying, “I have a business.” Through this program, I really recognized how important the work I’m doing is to me, and I’ve started putting myself out in the world with more confidence. I’m meeting with my first paying clients this afternoon!” [1 year later Carrie’s business is 100% solvent!]

    Carrie Andrews

    Advanced Care Planning & Patient Advocacy,

    "Within the first two sessions, Suzy helped uncover a memory that started the process of unraveling my fear of failure. Such quick change happened with gentle, light-hearted conversations; pointed questions; simple, relevant goal setting; lots of laughter, and a few releasing tears–no pushing.

    I wouldn’t trust just anyone to mentor me, but Suzy has led a life that I admire. She has been through enough growing pains and bumpy roads of her own, that I trust her wisdom. She also has challenged herself to be completely true to her inner knowing.

    I love how Suzy glows. I love her commitment to joy and ease. I love her strength of character. I love her unpretentious spirituality. I love the mischievous look on her face when she is ready to give me an assignment. Each week I look forward to what I can work on next.”

    Anna H.

    Port Townsend, Washington

    Say “YES” to you, and “NO” to how society says you “should be!”

    →Joy sustains well-being (and all that you do).
    (Joy is not dependent on what lives outside of you, it lives within you)

    →Well-being fosters your connection with what matters most.

    →You connect with what matters most by prioritizing Self.

    →Prioritizing Self inspires clarity of passion and purpose, without overwhelm.

    →With clarity, courage and confidence grows – melting self-doubt, self-comparison, and feelings of not enough!

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