About Me (in a nutshell):

A roller coaster of a ride life has been! Do you feel the same?

Before I arrived solid with who I am as a human being, I attended “the school of hard knocks” (perhaps you were there with me) and received my Ph.D. in making mountains out of molehills! 

(The short version): I was raised by a narcissistic mother and, as a result, lived most of my adult life in a cloud of self-doubt and overwhelm. I pushed myself hard, not realizing I was driven by an unmet need to be seen, heard, accepted, and to feel appreciated. 

This way of being led to my suicide attempt in early adulthood and to anxiousness, overwhelm, perfectionism, people-pleasing and always striving “be enough”.

While I achieved outward “success,” it was at a considerable cost to my well-being and eventually caused severe adrenal burnout.

In 2015, I took a big leap of faith, sold my brick-and-mortar business (and my salary), and embarked on an intentional year-long sabbatical – “My Year of No.” I stopped measuring my worth by how much I accomplished. I stopped responding to how the outside world said I “should be,” I learned how to release my busyness habits, and began asking myself daily, “what is it you want Suzy?

Small incremental shifts every single day, with a devotion to my well-being (mind-body-spirit), led to a profound awakening of my heart and soul… and a new career helping other women do the same!

After many twists and turns, mounds of surrendering and letting go, I’m independent of the outer world as a source of satisfaction, no longer responding to situations and people to keep others happy (while disregarding myself).

It would be remiss of me not to share that there are times when I feel blue, frustrated, and triggered, but here’s what has shifted for me—with practice, I’ve learned how to navigate (not avoid) what I’m feeling. I know how to surrender to “what is” instead of resisting. By using what triggers me as a learning tool (instead of a block), I can pause, breathe, reflect, pivot, and move on. You can too!

In 2023 I took another big leap of faith, choosing to no longer promote or grow my coaching business and gift myself this extra time to explore my artistic side which launched me in an entire different direction as an artist who still loves to coach while the paint is drying. suzy@suzycarroll.com

My Story (a bit longer version if you choose):

My business leadership experience began at
 24 (circa 1987) as a VP of marketing in commercial printing. I went on to work in print media as a director of advertising, formed an event coordination business, and stepped into the manufacturing sector as a director of national sales.

During this time, I left a long-term traumatic relationship. I was terrified of the unknown, ashamed (of being me), and managed my emotions by staying very, very busy.

I’ve led community events, created collaborative efforts between business organizations, and trained people in customer relations and sales all over the country. Accomplishment? Yes. Did I over-extend myself at a cost to my well-being? Absolutely! 

Over-volunteering led to serving on numerous boards (at times, all at once – I don’t recommend this), that is, until I learned how to say “no” (without feeling guilty). Today, I serve on one board as a founding member of the Brightstar Girls Academy Foundation (Building South Sudan’s first all-girl Boarding School).

Lastly, I became an entrepreneur,
owning a brick-and-mortar nutrition and wellness center – nominated for my state’s Small Business of the Year award, and increased sales by 200% in one year. Let me pause here and say, “just because you’re good at something doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a good fit for you.” Lesson #53: School of Hard Knocks 

My business also served as an incubator for staff members to create and grow their own businesses (women supporting women). 

Through it all, I felt like the “odd one out” (I hear this often from clients, too) and spent decades looking at myself with a critical eye. I attended personal development seminars and business workshops, and I’ve read hundreds of “self-help books,” plus therapy – all with the intent of “fixing” what was wrong with me.

I had a major stumbling block that got in my way of healing trauma – an addiction to busyness. My drug of choice for numbing out. 

I’ll never forget the day an older, wise friend said, “Suzy, you’re addicted to busyness.” What?! I was a go-getter, queen of multi-tasking, on top of everything – I wore my busy badge proudly…, and I was exhausted and struggled with sleeping, depression, and anxiety. 

All this being said, my “gift of wounds” and life-long fascination with human behavior
bring astute and compassionate guidance from real-life, hands-on experience. I help you identify the behaviors and hidden beliefs (yes, we all have them) that are blocking your path to achieving what’s most important to you – while always upholding your well-being!

There’s no stopping a woman devoted to her own well-being! 

On a personal note:
Although the first half of life had several slam dunks – laughter was present, and many joyful memories and moments.
I’m a mom (a single mom when my son was young) to a now-adult son. I’m happily re-married (20 years+) and an outdoor enthusiast (former award-winning Hobie-Cat racer *a super fast sailboat). I also love these simple things: cloud watching, beach walking with my fur-kid, and painting!

Dotted in between hours at my easel, I thoroughly enjoy engaging in inspiring conversation with interesting people. 

To my sister-personality test lovers… I’m a 3/5 Emotional Projector/Advisor, INFJ, HSP, Visionary, Lover Archetype (Jungian), Taurus Sun, Sagittarius Rising, Leo Moon… and most important – 100% me!

Today, I gratefully paint daily, and use years of business and life experience inspiring women to healthy energetic expansion, supporting you in tending your nervous system, nourishing your soul while accessing clarity, calm, ease, and joy – getting out of your own way and becoming gloriously solid with who you are as a human being!

Say “YES” to you and “NO” to How Society Says you “Should Be.”

Coaching is NOT for individuals in crisis or individuals who haven’t done inner work on past trauma/abuse with a qualified professional. COACHING IS FOR individuals who are committed to personal growth and curious about working with the unconscious mind to access their inner wisdom, let go of limitations and create a life they love.   [Text HOME to 741741 to reach a volunteer Crisis Counselor.]

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