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Course #1 of Alchemy of Feminine Leadership.

Release overwhelm and call forth clarity – cultivating confidence and partnering with the wisdom of your soul (so you can drop what has unconsciously been driving you) and instead, learn to focus your precious time, energy, and attention on what truly matters most… Allowing your inner light to shine and lead from the inside out!

Eight 75-minute Session Zoom Group Course.
Live Sessions (recorded for your convenience).
Lessons (printable downloads provided of both curriculum and discovery-sheets), interactive discussion, mentoring, Q&A sessions (in addition to the 8 sessions), private Facebook Group, and powerful exploration exercises that foster a transformative experience for cultivating clarity, increased energy, more ease with saying “no”,  PLUS increasing your capacity for focusing on what matters most, to move your mission and life forward without a cost to your well-being! 
INTRODUCTORY OFFER $449.00   (reg. $1200)
The first five to sign up will receive two FREE 30-minute mentoring sessions valued at $140.00. Be the first to be notified, click below!

“Thank you so much for your course. You have taken on a very complex project, encompassing everything from deep psychology to external socialization to personal spirituality, and all the steps in between! You have called in every resource you have, including (and not the least) your infectious enthusiasm and optimism. (Priceless!)”

– Olive S., Port Townsend

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