Group Offerings Created for Women Seeking Simplicity,
Ease, Flow, and Joy… while accomplishing what matters most to you… or discovering what does!

    A Membership Group – With a Twist!

    I Didn’t See This One Coming!

    January 2023, I read a short book called The Café on the Edge of the World: A Story About the Meaning of Life by John Strelecky, which poses three questions:
    What’s your purpose for existence?
    Do you fear death?
    Are you fulfilled?

    I took these questions to heart and entered a period of deep contemplation, gaining valuable clarity. It was time for me to take a step back in order to move forward in alignment with my soul.


    I’d dabbled with painting before, but stopped out of frustration.

    This time was different. Creativity, a “shadow aspect” I had buried, emerged and flowed with ease. Gone was the perfectionism and fear of criticism that previously stopped me. I began playing and experimenting with abandon… lo and behold, I discovered a talent I didn’t know existed.

    Nothing has ever felt so right! The joy, peace, and happiness I feel when painting contemporary/modern abstracts with aqua oil and cold wax is indescribable.

    I want YOU to experience this too – your own version of “nothing has ever felt so right.” 

     I will likely return with group offerings in 2024 (I love the dynamics that emerge when women gather). Until then I’m painting  – allowing my style to emerge. I’m not selling (yet) – but I will be – I’m running out of wall space! 😉

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    Like-minded women, supporting, sharing, and connecting in a safe environment where we feel seen, heard, and held!

    Discover, learn, and integrate practices for soothing your nervous system, feeding your soul for consistent renewal, prioritizing your needs (without guilt), and bringing your healthiest, soul-aligned Self to work, play, life, and to you!

    The Emerge to Thrive Society is the place to rise above the noise, see things differently, and release overwhelm, cultivating room to breathe.

    Hi! I’m Suzy, Freedom Whisperer!

    My expertise and what I enjoy most is providing guidance, education, and inspiration for becoming gloriously solid with who you are as a human being, supporting your “flourishment” personally and professionally (Flourish + Nourish + Fulfillment = Flourishment).

    My background – personal and professional, spanning 40 years, was propelled by People-Pleasing, Pushing, and Proving myself while striving for Perfection. The four P’s take so many women down the path of burnout, fatigue, and overwhelm. I’m honored to support you in calling in the best “P” of them all – PLEASURE!!

    I’m a certified Jungian Life Coach, certified Wellness Coach, Transition/Sabbatical mentor, former brick-and-mortar business owner, with 30 years of managerial/business leadership experience (and motherhood too)… and a recovered (burned out) busyness addict turned champion of women emerging into their full expression and soul shine!

    “Freedom is separating the false story from the truth.”
    (author unknown)


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    e·merge /əˈmərj/: To come into being through evolution, to rise, and emerge from the shadow – to shine!

    thrive /THrīv/: To be successful – healthy and strong, progressing toward or to realize a desired outcome. To grow, flourish, and prosper.

    so·ci·e·ty /səˈsīədē/: A broad and diverse grouping of people having common interests, shared beliefs, and values.

    The Emerge Method
    Inspired by singer the late Helen Reddy:

    I Am Woman Hear Me Roar!

    • Revision (Restore, Realign, Renew)
    • Observe (Open to Opportunity)
    • Align (Amplify Authenticity)
    • Rise (Reignite; Radiant and Resilient!)

    ✔️ Rekindle your sense of fascination, wonder, and curiosity… nurturing joy, lifting your spirit, and revitalizing energy and enthusiasm.

    ✔️ Liberate yourself from the burden of “not enough,” and the myth of “busy equals success.”

    ✔️ Release the exhausting pushing, proving, and people-pleasing and lead with joy instead.

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