The Emerge Community supports women over-40 with
transitioning into the second half of life revitalized and re-energized by learning
simple and powerful practices for prioritizing Self and well-being (without guilt)  releasing the ‘shoulds,’ and leading with joy – thriving personally and professionally, while trailblazing a path of ever-increasing light-hearted ease!

Harness your flavor of zest, foster sustainable well-being—living life on your terms, guided by your truth! Let go of pushing, proving, and pleasing. Live intentionally – focusing on what matters most to you.

Release the false sense of Self, perpetuated by the social conditioning of women. Emerge as a role model for family, community, business, and younger women following in your footsteps. Lead by example and LEAD WITH JOY!

Cultivate devotion to discovering and reuniting with who you are, at your very core. Living in alignment with your values and beliefs – determined by you, not values and beliefs influenced by society. Adjust your sails and chart your course!

“There is no stopping a woman who’s devoted to her own wellbeing!”
-Suzy Carroll


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