My intention when painting
is to create visually intriguing pieces that draw the viewer in to pause, relax, and explore patterns and shapes as felt through their eyes—much like cloud watching.

I believe art has the power to invoke emotion. I hope that my cold wax and oil paintings inspire viewers to rest their thinking minds, be mindfully present, and ‘feel’ the visual creation in front of them.

I am self-taught—inspired by nature—delightfully exploring techniques and composition while embracing the Eastern philosophy of “non-attachment to outcome” and always creating from a place of joy. [Scroll down for BIO]

On a fun note – had someone told me a year ago that I could paint, I would have laughed. This explosion of creativity is a testament to what can happen when consciously turning down (or off) societal noise, laced with “you should…”- releasing what no longer serves you, and calling in what does.

Cold wax is made from beeswax in an organic solvent.
It has been around for centuries but has come into its own in the last 20 years. The wax is the consistency of thick frosting (see photo). When mixed with oil paint, the possibilities for texture and layer upon layer of color, along with mark-making tools are endless.
My husband, Tom, builds my floater frames and cradle boards. Cradle boards are heavily primed front and back so they won’t warp in a moist environment and are 1.5″ to 2″ deep. Edges are either painted or stained.

Professionally photographed high-resolution photos with accurate color representation (computer monitor color will vary) provided on request.
In-person viewing by appointment.
WA State tax will be deducted for out-of-state purchases for you to claim. *Shipping is calculated at the time of purchase (with your approval before sending). Please note, shipping outside the continental U.S. is very expensive. My suggestion is to purchase an unframed limited edition canvas print.


24″ x 24″ x 2″ | $525.00 + Tax, SH | Canvas
Heavy-duty canvas with a 2″ gallery-wrapped frameless edge, finished in a deep brown.

‘Patches of Stillness’ – A visual reminder to stay out of overwhelm by creating stillness throughout your day.  I love the patterns, color and diagonal flow, with “patches” that represent islands to rest on.

Perhaps a “patch” for you is pausing to enjoy this painting full of movement and

24″ x 24″ x 2″ | $400.00 + Tax, SH
Heavy-duty canvas with a  2″ gallery-wrapped frameless edge, finished in dark teal.

My husband is a scuba diver and once shared with enthusiasm a cenote dive he took on the Yucatan Peninsula. Before entering the caves the divers passed through fresh water to salt, creating a mixture that distorted their vision. I translated my vision of what this may look like on to canvas.

Sunrise at Point Hudson
(Port Townsend, WA)

24″ x 18″  | $425.00 + Tax, SH
Canvas Board. Hand-built custom frame. 1.25″ deep.

This painting was a personal challenge to to see if I could create a painting inspired by a print we own.
Over the years, I often wondered “How does someone paint like that?”  As you can see, I figured out the “how.” 

18″ x 24″ | $275.00 + Tax, SH
Hand-built custom floater frame. 1.25″ deep.

Crosswinds was how I calmed my nerves during a pickle of a problem. I was concerned for my husband’s safety and so many other things that could have gone wrong.
Instead of becoming lost in worry, I became lost in painting. The situation was miraculously resolved and I find it interesting that this is one of my husband Tom’s favorite paintings.

12″ x 15.75″
$250.00 + Tax, SH
Hand-built custom floater frame. 1.25″ deep and recessed 3/8″ (see photo upper right) which gives a lovely 3D effect.

‘Reflections’ is heavily textured. Molding clay came first with thick layers of wax/paint. Grid-like markings were made using wide patterned burlap ribbon.

The substrate is a recycled cradle board that lends itself to applying pressure and thick layers.

Or, if you live in the PNW this could also be “Deception Pass” from above. 😉
12″ x 16″ | $275.00 + Tax, SH
with 1.25″ deep custom built floater-frame.

I’ve always enjoyed flying. While others are reading, sleeping, or watching a movie, I’m the one glued to the window loving the “birds-eye view” from above. I knew I wanted soft and flowing and then the “aerial” view appeared. I love to work this way, layering color and waiting for what is to be, to emerge.


23.5″ X 54″ x 1.5″ | $225.00 + Tax, SH
Acrylic on Canvas with a seal coat.

Sometimes we must diverge from the “usual” and shake things up!

I found myself in a creative rut… my intention with this painting was to go down a completely different road to get the creative juices flowing again.

Mission accomplished! This was so much fun to create, but I’m committed to creating with cold wax and oil… for now, so I’ve priced this very low with hopes it will go to someone who smiles inside and out when viewing “Bolt of Inspiration.”

If you live locally (Olympic Peninsula) – I’m happy to deliver! Photo’s with side views and close ups available upon request.


*Fine Art (Giclee) Reproductions Available*

I’m fortunate to have access to a highly-skilled professional art photographer and meticulous printer who carefully inspects each conservation quality, fine-art print for color and quality. Reproductions are printed one at a time (not mass produced), on archival paper and canvas with a protective acid free coating.
Made-to-order limited edition fine art prints and gallery-wrapped canvas fine art prints, up to 40″ in size are available of sold original paintings. Approximate 3-week lead time to shipping.

12″ x 12″ | $225
High-quality canvas prints are available on a made-to-order basis.
SIZES: 12 x  12 | 18 x 18 | 24 x 24 | 36 x 36

The vision I held for this painting was more ethereal, but as I began applying color my tool left diagonal markings and then I saw the mountains and followed the path I was seeing.
Life flows with much more ease when we choose to flow with what’s before us, as opposed to fighting our way to a predetermined goal.

48″ x 30″ x 1.5″ | $1100.00 + SH

An art therapist friend told me you achieve a flow state when neither your right or left brain is dominant.

This painting flowed with uncanny ease. It was as if my hand was guided. I love the colors, the way the light dances and if you look close, there’s even an angel.

Made-to-Order Fine Art prints available. A popular size is 18″ x 25.75″, gallery-wrapped 1.5″ deep ($300 gallery wrapped, or ready to frame: $150.00 + tax, SH).
The “hot of the press” photo on the right is limited edition #1. 

20″ x 15″ x 1″ | Fine Art Made-to-order prints available.

I’ve admired a painting a friend has in her Tahoe home with a water feel to it. I live surrounded by trees and wanted to create with an earth/sky feel. I began with molding clay for texture, followed by a many layers of cold wax medium to create color and depth.

This painting grounds you to earth and invites you to soar like birds in the sky above. Richly colored and textured.

Photograph of the original painting. Hand mounted on
12″ x 12″ x 1.5″ deep Cradleboard| Edges painted in deep brown.
$85.00, Photograph only: $45.00 + Tax, SH

I painted this on the hottest day of the year, posting on social media with the tagline: “On a hot day, paint yourself cool.” A friend saw my post and sent me a screenshot of her phone. She had used the image as her screen saver and an idea was born. The original is no longer available, but photographs are!


 Once dry, paintings head to the photography studio, and then back to my studio for final touches and framing.
These will be available for purchase very soon. 


16″ x 24″ | Currently NFS

Eleven layers came first, before applying the final touch. I thought I had ruined it and became frustrated. My intention is to bring good energy to all my paintings, so I stepped away.
The following morning, rested and renewed I moved forward, embracing a practice I began in 2022 to create and live without attachment to outcome. When we attach, we become stuck. I began scraping back layers and Marshland emerged!

16″ x 24″ | Currently NFS

I about tossed this out the window. The border was so challenging – blending the color tone that complimented and not smudging it while working the center (I smudged often). I added marble dust for texture in places. This is painted on MDF board. Never again! The priming alone took way too many layers. But, the end result makes us smile. For now, it’s gracing our walls and serves as a reminder to keep going and not give up!

“Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life.” Pablo Picasso


I’m an ICF-certified Jungian Life Coach, Transition/Sabbatical Mentor, and former brick-and-mortar business owner with 30 years of managerial and business leadership experience.

My backgroundpersonal and professional—was propelled by People-Pleasing, Pushing, and Proving myself while striving for Perfection.

The four P’s that take so many women down the path of burnout, fatigue, and overwhelm.

I’m here to support you in calling in the best “P” of them all—PLEASURE!

A limited number of spaces are available, as painting is now my primary focus. Please inquire; I just may have the perfect amount of time for you!  


Suzy Carroll is a native Washingtonian who has lived the past 40 years on the beautiful Olympic Peninsula. She was raised by mountaineering and sailing parents; as an only child, her companion was nature. Decades later, the years spent mesmerized by water splashing off the hull of the family boat, clouds changing shapes above, hiking, and gazing at the horizon, influence what emerges in art form.

Her late mother, an accomplished artist, was also a narcissist. As children of narcissistic parents often do, Suzy became an over-pleaser and over-achiever with a deep fear of criticism, burying her artistic side and following the more culturally accepted path of business management and leadership.

Suzy sold her retail business at the end of 2014 and embarked on a year-long sabbatical—her “year of no.” Her sabbatical evolved into a coaching career, helping women renew their energy, motivation and advance their career and life endeavors. It was a rewarding experience, but something was missing.

In 2022, Suzy became an ICF-certified Jungian Life Coach a process that required intense inner work. As a result, buried creativity burst forth.

In early 2023, no longer inhibited by fear of criticism or driven by perfectionism, she took a leap of faith, reprioritizing her life to make time for daily painting. 

A short time later, having started virtually from scratch, with ever-growing praise for her artwork, she sold her first painting and fully stepped into the role of “artist.” You’ll often hear her saying, “I’ve never done anything that feels so right.”

As an emerging artist, Suzy has five guidelines she follows:
~Create without attachment to outcome.
~Create from a space of joy.
~Embrace Wabi-Sabi (imperfection).
~Step away from painting the minute it begins to feel like “work.”
~Go with the flow.

Suzy – a reformed busyness addict, no longer pushes but allows whatever is meant to be, to be; however, she is quite curious about where her love of painting will take her. Stay tuned!

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