Statements that Crush or Cultivate Energy

The clearer my mind becomes, the more I realize how much baggage I’ve collected over the years that isn’t me or mine. I know for a fact that each of the statements below (I’ve said and believed them all) came from somewhere else – whether it was media or inherited cultural beliefs.

This process of leading from the inside out – in business or in your life, begins with taking a look at all that you’ve collected (just like your clothes closet), trying beliefs on and letting go of what does not feel like ‘you’ or no longer fits.

For each statement below, I’ve written a few ideas, a few questions and a few thoughts to ponder.

“I’m driven.”
Where did this mind-set come from? Unless you’re Miss Daisy, why are you driven?
A: What’s driving you?
B: Where are you driving to?
C: And why?
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Leading with Soul – The ‘Grit’ of Integrity

This past June I felt myself flailing in the wind. A sensation that envelopes me shortly before a window opens or a cliff appears…and I jump. It’s usually combined with thoughts like “I’m missing something,” or “this is good, but this isn’t it.”  
Lots of scratching my head ensued and then an email arrived with a thread that I followed that led to hiring Dr. Susanna Maida of Reweaving The World – she helps people find the soul of their business (kind of perfect huh?!). 

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What if Your Primary Objective was How You Want to Feel?

Many years ago, I had a boss say to me “it’s business, don’t take it personal.” I still remember feeling completely stymied – his words were like a punch in the gut and I wasn’t supposed to feel this?

As women we are taught to stomp on our emotions, squash them, ignore them and for the love of God, don’t be too emotional or too strong, especially around a man or a woman who is misguided by power. I learned this the hard way. That same boss later fired me, saying I had “usurped” his authority. What the heck?!

I now understand the antiquated phrase, “it’s business, don’t take it personal” means “I’m delivering bad news and I wish to be exonerated.” And I now know, as author Sabaa Tahir, wrote “Your emotions make you human. Even the unpleasant ones have a purpose. Don’t lock them away. If you ignore them, they just get louder and angrier.” 
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What’s Your ‘Different’? [consider this…]

December 31st, 2018 marked four years, 48 months, 1,460 days of retreating into myself. It’s been an emotional, revealing, regenerative and shifting ride to say the least, and one that is shifting again to re-engaging and stepping out oh-so-differently.

This past year, in the quiet of my home, in the solitude I created for myself a thought emerged…what comes after overcoming overwhelm? The answer that came to me is ‘leadership done differently’, which led to interviewing women in politics, business owners, organization leaders, coaches and managers.

One woman I interviewed wrapped something I’ve been feeling (and teaching) into one succinct and powerful sentence
“I just want women to release the bullshit messages and legacies we carry forward”.

Whether you have a desire to be a change-maker on a large scale, within your community or in your household – as more women lead themselves from the heart and soul of who they are, collectively we will move mountains. And if being in the public eye or on the front line, isn’t your thing, let me tell you – this doesn’t mean you are not a leader too. Each of us has the opportunity, via healthy choices to be a leader of our own life and pave a new way for the younger generation of women riding the wake we leave behind us. read more…

123 Questions & Ideas to Inspire You for the Year Ahead!

I have collected all the questions and ‘thoughts to ponder’ I’ve written in the past two years. 
Questions are your window to your soul, they open space for possibility, curiosity and if you choose, offer an opportunity to shift and change.

Below are 19 topics with 123 questions and ideas for you!
My suggestion is to quickly glance at the list of topics below and see what jumps out at you. Chances are, whatever jumps out is the question or idea you are most needing to hear right now. 
Once you’ve chosen your number, scroll down to find yours.

1. Raising your self-awareness for the year ahead…
2. If you’re feeling fatigued, tired and longing for more energy, try this…
3. This ‘shifting’ of habits, beliefs and behaviors began by asking these questions…
4. Strengthen you “NO” muscles.
5. Are your boundaries healthy or unhealthy? How do you know?
6. Overwhelmed? Seven Truths You Need to Know
7. Self-criticism: emotional and mental clutter worth letting go of 
8. What is your natural energy level (it might not be what you think)
9. Feeling guilty?
10. The Disease to Please and Five Ways to Stop
11. There are two types of mindsets: ‘stuck’ and ‘unstuck’…
12. Seven signs that Quantity has been placed before Quality.
13. Choice is your magic wand.
14. On clearing mental clutter …
15. Not good enough, for what?
16. How to Course Correct in Three Swift Moves:
17. When you are REALLY busy…
18. Boosting your confidence
19. Harness the Power of Intention – Write your Manifesto

Scroll down to find your ideas and questions!

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