A Different Kind of Holiday Wish for You

During a year like none-other, see this holiday differently – not through the lens of commercialism, hallmark cards and history books, but through the lens of self-conditioning, rather than social-conditioning…

8 Ideas for Unravelling Complexity & Choosing Simplicity

To encourage mindfulness that supports your well-being while navigating our oh-so-complex world, I recently created Monday Morning Messages, hosted on Patreon. This particular sparked Morning Message sparked an impassioned response from one of my Patrons. I had posted: “A future that supports the well-being of humanity will thrive with clarity and simplicity and fail with complexity and complication.” How does that statement land with you? Well, my Patron (and friend) shared that her emotional response was “NO” – this time is complex and we shouldn’t ignore the complexities. I agree with her. We entered a dialogue and my smart friend quickly grasped my intent with this particular message. She recognized how she was allowing a whirlwind of ideas and thoughts to create complexity in her life that was getting in the way of her ability to focus, and to use innovation to move her business (in the COVID-rocked travel industry) forward. She then raised the topic of when to embrace complexity? This launched us into an interesting and uplifting dialogue about using complexity as a catalyst for change – turning a negative into a positive! Embracing complexity is an important stepping-stone to creating simplicity, and as my friend pointed out, shouldn’t be ignored. A visual for you: Likely you’ve sorted the clothes in your closet or the files in your office. These can be seriously complex messes, right? What do you do? Create piles – keep this, toss that, sort – sort – sort. The entire process involves consideration, feeling, thinking, decisions,...

Learning to Live with Ourselves [And an Announcement]

Grief, fear, confusion, exhaustion – we’re all feeling it. When you have a focal point for staying true to yourself, while riding the often dizzy-making roller coaster of emotions, you then have an opportunity to use this time as a catalyst for something greater!

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