Embody These Principles for Success! [5-minute read]

A few days ago, I woke up ‘in the mood’ to purge paperwork. As I dug through old files I came across a course I created many years ago. I took a break and began to flip through the 55-pages that represented months of research and writing. My first thought was, “wow, this is so good!” My second thought was, “why wasn’t I able to turn my idea, into a profitable success?”

So, there I was, flipping through that old course workbook, trotting down memory lane, and thinking about my passion project (the creation of my Alchemy of Feminine Leadership™ course) and darn if a wave of self-doubt didn’t hit me…what if I can’t do this?

A few days before my paperwork purge, I had tea with an author friend. I had read her wonderful book while on vacation and was curious how her self-published book, went from being sold out of her truck, to being picked up by one of the largest publishing houses in the world (think JK Rowling – yah, big!), with a two-book deal?

As I listened to her story, I realized that she embodies the Six Principles of Success: Clarity, conviction, confidence, compassion, connection and contribution. She splendidly proved to me that with these core principles in place—success as you define it, is very possible, if not inevitable.

A Tale of Two Stories with Wisdom to Further your Desires and your Success…

Years ago, even though I was a ‘go-getter’ and appeared to have it all together the concept of clarity
had not yet entered my world. I lived with mental chaos, overwhelm and believing that to be successful, one must juggle many balls and say “yes” to everyone. 
My friend, channeled her energy in a singular direction so that her efforts were not diluted by distractions (aka, mental chaos) and juggled only one ball – the research and writing of her book.
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Worry is Wishing Something into Existence

My husband and I had a conversation with a couple who had just celebrated 40+ years of marriage. He was saying how his wife was his yin, to his yang. Where he is laid back, easy going and at times directionless, his wife was solid, organized and managed the worrying for the family. We laughed, because the ‘yin/yang’ similarities were quite familiar, except as I told him, “I used to be the worrier, but I’m not anymore.”

Worry is an umbrella word with a plethora of emotions underneath and worry is part of the human existence. We all do it. The question is, how often and how intense is your worrying?

According to freedictionary.com the ancestor of worry, is an Old English verb wyrgan, that means “to strangle”.

Need I say more?

Worrying strangles happiness, confidence, creativity. Worrying causes stress, anxiety and unease and women have a tendency, to mix worry up with caring. Right?

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The Lost Power of Synchronicity [4-minute read]

While on vacation recently, my husband and I went in search of information about turtle hatchlings. We followed a meandering dirt road that led us past an old converted school bus parked on a nearby beach. A bit further down, we spotted a turtle sanctuary. On the entry gate was a handwritten sign that read “for information about turtles go to the school bus.”

What followed was perhaps the beginning of a life long friendship. The bus, as it turns out, was home to a family of nine, plus the parents (yes – 9. Not a typo!). Five of the children were grown and had moved on, but four still lived and traveled with their parents in their rolling home and one of their sons, is very interested in turtles, which was the reason they were parked on that beach.

As we talked, each family member eventually poked their head out of the bus and joined us. They were quiet, polite, thoughtful and oh-so-creative. Even making us sparkly water drinks with homemade umbrella’s and paper fans to keep us cool. The children’s mother and I launched into a conversation about serendipity (the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way), which was in fact rather synchronistic as the bed and breakfast we were staying at was called “Serindipity.”


She talked about how often those internal nudges or happenstance events led them out of harm’s way on their vast travels (250,000 kilometers to-date), or to amazing adventures and new friends.

So, what does synchronicity (the simultaneous occurrence of events which appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection) have to do with life, leadership and business?


Three Powerful Strategies to Expand Capacity, Increase Impact and Lead with Confidence

Have you ever felt that crunch of pressure when attempting to wrap up EVERYTHING before departing on vacation?

My husband and I are days away from leaving to a location that is completely off the grid, running off solar and generators. This reminds me that in order to be “on”, you must turn “off”.

I was feeling an increase in tension and pressure, but after years of re-wiring for ease, my mind no longer defaults to “I’ve got to get it all done”, it now defaults to “what do I really not need to be doing right now?”.

So, with this in mind and my desire to depart for vacation with the ability to turn ‘off’ with ease, I’m sharing with you my latest FREE offering that includes tips on how to:

Expand your capacity While maintaining your well-being
Increase your impactWhile being in alignment with your core values
Lead with confidenceWhile allowing your inner light to shine

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Statements that Crush or Cultivate Energy

The clearer my mind becomes, the more I realize how much baggage I’ve collected over the years that isn’t me or mine. I know for a fact that each of the statements below (I’ve said and believed them all) came from somewhere else – whether it was media or inherited cultural beliefs.

This process of leading from the inside out – in business or in your life, begins with taking a look at all that you’ve collected (just like your clothes closet), trying beliefs on and letting go of what does not feel like ‘you’ or no longer fits.

For each statement below, I’ve written a few ideas, a few questions and a few thoughts to ponder.

“I’m driven.”
Where did this mind-set come from? Unless you’re Miss Daisy, why are you driven?
A: What’s driving you?
B: Where are you driving to?
C: And why?
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