The Six Principles of Soul-Aligned Success©
Leadership Grounded
in Clarity.
The Six Principles of Soul-Aligned Success Framework© (see diagram below), fosters a grounded and
balanced approach to leadership and living. Here’s why…

Women innately tap into the top of the pyramid, easily embracing ‘Compassion, Connection and Contribution’ (giving, caring, nurturing) to the detriment of well-being and the impact you desire to make…often over-giving, over-pleasing and ‘over-ing’ everywhere.

As you may be experiencing, this leads to overwhelm, depletion of energy, enthusiasm and self-doubt.

My mentoring and programs, cultivate a bottom up approach – beginning with the foundation of Clarity, which stimulates Conviction and allows authentic Confidence to emerge.

“I’m impressed by how methodical and focused Suzy is. You can learn a lot from somebody with her talents. I don’t step into my power all the time, and Suzy’s support has given me courage on more than one occasion to move forward with ideas and intentions for my business. My employees need me to be the strong one. I don’t have that kind of support for myself, but it’s expected of me to be that for others. It’s good to have someone like Suzy at your side to be the wind at your back. She’s been an integral part of my support system.”


Wildflour Restaurant & Bakery, Roanoke, Virginia

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