Alchemy of Feminine Leadership™ programs (and mentoring) calls on the Six Principles of Success framework (see diagram below), which guides you to discovering non-supportive core beliefs; cultivating new supportive mindsets, releasing attachments that do not serve you and your mission, clearing blocks, developing beneficial habits – creating leadership that is steeped with the clarity and confidence that emerges from claiming your inner voice and letting your inner light shine!

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“I’m impressed by how methodical and focused Suzy is. You can learn a lot from somebody with her talents. I don’t step into my power all the time, and Suzy’s support has given me courage on more than one occasion to move forward with ideas and intentions for my business. My employees need me to be the strong one. I don’t have that kind of support for myself, but it’s expected of me to be that for others. It’s good to have someone like Suzy at your side to be the wind at your back. She’s been an integral part of my support system.”


Wildflour Restaurant & Bakery, Roanoke, Virginia

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