Since April 2023, life has shifted in the most wonderful way, and there’s still a more “letting go” to be done.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve clung on to jobs, circumstances, relationships, because “good girls” don’t quit. Successful women don’t quit. Strong women keep pushing forward, no matter what.

The process of letting go is a process of transition. Transition, as Suzanne L’Heureux, Master Jungian Life Coach, shared, is a process of grief.

Transition is even more difficult for those who are healing from trauma. Anything new, even the fabulous ‘new’ is different and unfamiliar, and with unfamiliarity comes uncertainty.

You’re ready when you’re ready.

Not being ready doesn’t mean you’re wrong, a failure, “not enough,” or stuck in the zone of procrastination. In fact, perhaps you’re smarter than you think.

A Thought to Ponder:
Could procrastination be a signal that your nervous system needs more healing before that next step?

The cultural model we’ve grown up with tells us to move fast, juggle a lot and it celebrates the type A personality. It does not celebrate pausing, pondering, contemplating, or God forbid, feeling. So, what did I do, I convinced myself I was “type A” and then blew out my adrenals.

The actions we take and the emotion we feel connect to what we believe will ensure our survival, not with what actually will.

We invest a lot of energy convincing ourselves we are someone we are not, and that what we do (career, relationships, ahem… people pleasing), is something we enjoy.

When I think about it, the last ten years, have been about “unconvincing myself.” Once “unconvinced” (with help from therapy, supportive friend circle etc.) I then arrived settled into myself (similar to snuggling into a comfy chair), happy, and dancing daily with my creative side and I’m still in the process of letting go.

Here’s an example of “convincing yourself”: Last year, when I decided to let go of life as I knew it, I emphatically told a friend, “I really do love business.” Driving home from our walk, a dump truck load of honesty landed in my lap. I texted my friend with this: “If I ever say I love business again, remind me that this is an old story; I don’t love business; I love painting.” ????

Change can feel sticky. Currently I’m feeling that sticky with a change I would like to make, but don’t feel quite ready yet. Some might call this procrastination, but I know my way is slower and my way is feeling before stepping.

What is your way?

From time to time, I’ll continue to send along thoughts (while paint is drying) and I’ll share a painting or two as well. I hope you’ll stick with me, but I’m also a huge fan of cleaning up inboxes. Do what’s best for you!

I’m wholeheartedly cheering on your process of “unconvincing yourself.”

Thank you for reading!

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FYI  I’ve released the robust paid for version of my grammar software. Pardon any grammatical errors – writing “correctly” is not my zone of genius, but sharing thoughts to ponder is.

“WINGS” 18″ x 18″ x 2″ | Cold Wax and Oil

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