Have you ever run into a wall? Not a wall in a room, but a wall in your mind?

After months of learning, studying, thinking, planning, creating, and navigating a sizeable transition – I ran smack dab into a wall. I had been in flow mode for months. Creativity was sizzling, and I was moving forward with ease… and then BAM, I wasn’t.

My energy plummeted. My enthusiasm went away. My creativity took a nosedive. I even told a friend, “I don’t want to coach anymore.” She replied, “you don’t want to coach today.” Oh yeah, that’s it – I love coaching, but I don’t want to coach today. I want to do things differently for a bit.

So, I took a thinking break – only doing what comes easily. I do have a few things on my mind that I’d love to share and because sharing is easy (and enjoyable), here it goes:

(We often forget that we are adults.)

Are you responding as if your parents are still telling you what to do (yikes) – or listening to our push and compare culture?

Conditioning runs deep. Chores first, get things done, accomplish, strive, strive, strive, stay busy, make a plan – execute your plan, be like them.


Choose slow, choose lazy, choose rest, choose to say “no,” choose to eat dessert before dinner (I’ve done this – it’s very liberating!), choose to dance in the kitchen. This is the joy of “adulting” – make it work to your advantage.

So, my adult friend, take a deep breath, quiet the voice in your head – what do you grant yourself permission to do (or not do) today? 

Do visions of to-do lists dance in your head when you contemplate what you’d like to accomplish?

Uh-huh? I thought so. 

I was recently asked what three things I would like to accomplish this week. My answer? #1 Rest. #2 Rest. #3 Rest.

Listening (and responding) to the needs of your mind, body, and soul is an essential key to tapping back into your soul flow.

Cultural conditioning tells us differently, sending messages to push through, grab another cup of caffeine, please others, and accomplish – no matter what. (Please re-read #2)

Hitting a wall, losing your flow, diminished enthusiasm, feeling stretched too thin…
Friends – these are all signs it’s time to respond (not react), guided by your inner voice – not the outer voices of others, our culture, or even well-meaning colleagues and friends.

This phrase has popped up several times recently; hence it’s on my mind. Here’s my take. First off, not entangling yourself in the lower vibration energy of others is oh-so-healthy, and so is punching your pillow.

  • Taking the high road is not numbing what you’re feeling.
  • Taking the high road is not swallowing words to keep the peace.
  • Taking the high road is not avoiding conflict (by thinking you’re taking the higher road).
  • Taking the high road is not compromising yourself or your boundaries.
  • Taking the high road is letting go of needing to be right by releasing any judgment, resentment, or blame that someone is wrong or bad while tending to your nervous system and your needs.

Which might mean speaking up.

#4: I DON’T REALLY FEEL LIKE __________________ (fill in the blank). 
Then please do “it” differently. I wasn’t sure I felt like writing but sharing “thought pops” felt enjoyable. No research was needed – simply allow my thoughts room to flow. Easy.

“Reality” is there are responsibilities that we must attend to – after all, you’re not going to ignore your kids, toss a project your boss gave you in the round file, or ghost your clients.

You can find creative ways to mix up what’s not inspiring you… today.

  • Cut yourself some slack.
  • Embrace the freedom of adulting.
  • Do what you want (even if it’s just for 5 minutes).
  • Release perfectionism (make it cereal night).
  • Drop the ball (you can pick it up later).
  • Cancel an appointment.
  • Clear your schedule.
  • Don’t read your email (take a day – it’s okay!)
  • Don’t “do” because you should.
  • Don’t “should.”

Your turn–what creative ways can you conjure to make time for yourself and your needs?

#5: HERE’S A MANTRA FOR 2023. I’ve shared this here many times before, and reminders are helpful, aren’t they?! 😉

Anything that comes after “I should” is a lie.
-Athena Burke.

When you hear “I should,” it’s your ego speaking. The ego is sneaky, and the ego wants you to “do” and behave as you always have (the illusion of safety). My suggestion – jot this mantra down on post-it notes and spread the good words around your home and office!

Happy Adulting!


PS I truly do love coaching (I didn’t last Friday – that was all); please reach out and schedule your complimentary conversation session. I have a special place in my heart for entrepreneurs, coaches, and those in “helping” professions.

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