Here’s a different way to call in 2023 – setting your tone for the year ahead with calm, clarity, ease, simplicity, and accomplishing what’s most important to you.

What do you want more or less off – what worked for you in 2022, and what didn’t? What pearls would you like to polish? Instead of rushing into 2023 (or to the gym), my idea for you is to reap the rewards of ritual.

Click here to download your printable journal prompts… calling in 2023 in four phases.

Each phase has a focus – with questions to answer and thoughts to ponder. Phase 1 is “looking in the rearview mirror” from December 31 to January 5th.

  • Read the questions at the beginning date (or thereabout) of each phase – and consider not answering right away. 
  • Allow your thoughts to sift through your heart, emotions, and dream space for a few days. See what pops up, what do you notice, what are you hearing, what are you feeling?
  • Add your own questions too.

If you like, call in your ritual with your theme phrase or word for the year.

My words are simplicity and synchronicity—two of my favorite things.
My phrase: To offer, to share, to create… from my heart, without attachment to outcome.

What’s yours? I’d love to hear – comment below.


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