Actualizing a dream that’s been swimming in my mind and heart for two years – feels so good!

Yesterday I placed the close-to-final brushstrokes on the soon-to-open Emerge to Thrive Society. A community for women seeking simplicity, ease, and flow – while getting the things done that matter most. 

For those who don’t know me well, I LOVE creating connections (former event planner in one chapter of my life), inspiring, and deep diving into those areas, which are sometimes challenging to do solo.

e·merge /əˈmərj/:
 To come into being through evolution, to rise, and emerge from the shadow – to shine!

Most of all, I receive so much joy as a champion of women emerging into their full expression and soul shine (myself included). 

A wonderful, wise woman did this for me – it’s my turn to pay it forward (with gratitude).

Why now? So many reasons, but the one with the most impact is that I get it now – I am enough; what I do is enough – I no longer need to prove myself or over-offer to feel worthy.

In other words, the Emerge to Thrive Society will be just enough to feed your soul and not too much to overwhelm you.

Emerge to Thrive Society – for women only, is a place to learn, expand, grow, relax, release what no longer serves you—feel seen and heard, and become gloriously solid with who you are as a human being!

Curious? Oh, I hope you are!

Visit the Emerge to Thrive Society page to read all about it, and please join the notification list.

This helps me tremendously – I’ll be asking for your input and sneak ‘free’ previews, too – and I’m dreaming of the presence of a few dozen amazing souls to open the doors. 

I also enjoy elevating others and co-creating… so I’ve designed this space to hold future collaborations with outstanding coaches, healers, and experts of all kinds!

thrive /THrīv/:
To be successful – healthy and strong, progressing toward or to realize a desired outcome. To grow, flourish, and prosper.

In honor of today’s solstice (1:48 PM PST), consider taking time to acknowledge your life’s endings and new beginnings. What would you like to release so you can clear space and make room for what you wish for the coming year? And… please take a moment to join the notification list (thank you!)

so·ci·e·ty /səˈsīədē/:
 A broad and diverse grouping of people having common interests, shared beliefs, and values.

Weaving ease into 2023 – please join me!

P.S. The Society will be guided by the Emerge Method: R.O.A.R. 
Inspired by singer the late Helen Reddy: I Am Woman Hear Me Roar!

  • Revision (Restore, Realign, Renew)
  • Observe (Open to Opportunity)
  • Align (Amplify Authenticity)
  • Rise (Reignite; Radiant and Resilient!)

P.S.S. Why a Society? Well, men have long had their secret societies… where patriarchy ran deep, oppressing women (and men too). So, it’s the rebel in me saying, “take that!” I’m creating a society just for women! So it shall be! Register to be notified here!

“You are not a drop in the ocean.You are the entire ocean, in a drop.”

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