“We all have something within us that the world needs.” -Pooh

Be scrumptiously honest and answer this…

What’s your first thought or emotion when you read: “we all have something within us that the world needs?” I imagine it’s something such as, “we sure do!” or “so true!”

But I want to know what followed that thought – how did it make you feel? 

Women tend to have the bar set high and be self-critical, so when we hear a quote like this, the response is often – “I’m not doing enough” or “I’m not good enough.” Instead of feeling inspired (other than short-lived), you may feel disheartened, less than, or quickly move back to “busy.”

Every woman I know strives to “give” to the world  – rarely pausing to consider why and so often, we’re giving from an empty cup – rarely taking time to nourish our life energy consistently.

I have a story to share – some of you may have heard this one before, but it bears repeating.

Many years ago, as a retreat I was attending called “Sacred Success” ended, our wise teacher, Barbara Huson, asked each of us to share our purpose.

We took turns offering up how we would serve and help others until one courageous woman with tears in her eyes said, “I just want to be selfish and work on my business!”

Stunned into silence was our response, quickly followed by a resounding – YES! None of us had considered being selfish for ourselves. The feeling I felt was visceral. Until then, I viewed being “selfish” well as selfish. I grew up hearing from my narcissistic mother, “Suzy, don’t be selfish.”

Selfish people were self-centered and not liked. I wanted to be liked! And, of course, I did (do), and you as well. Being liked and accepted is a psychological need based on strong survival instincts.

As I sat with my feelings, the idea of being selfish for what mattered most, what was most important to me, what fed my soul, what brought me joy began to unfold.

A few weeks later, “Sacred Selfish” was born.

The word ‘selfish’ on its own was still way too uncomfortable for me – but adding “sacred” (taking a cue from the retreat I had attended) put a palatable spin to it.

On that day, almost a decade ago, Veronica Ferrethe woman who courageously shared her desire to be selfish for her business, changed my life… and I believe it changed hers as well. 
**Confirmed- It did! I emailed Veronica for permission to share this story with her name.

Recently Veronica shared this post on Facebook (prompting this “Thoughts to Ponder e-newsletter): 

It was an honor to art direct this year’s #earthshotprize in Boston [MGM Music Hall at Fenway], with a set made entirely of live greens and recyclable materials (zero plastic!!)… This year, the presenters were the Prince and Princess of Wales, David Beckham, Catherine O’Hara and Rami Malek. It was a full house! Annie Lennox, Billie Eilish, Ellie Goulding and Chloe x Halle performed. 

Veronica’s “selfish” focus on her business has led to a joyful life, taking her creative business to levels achieved by a few. She’s art-directed spreads in the New York Times, Holiday window displays for Tiffany & Co., and television.

As we bring 2022 to a close and begin dreaming into 2023, my deepest desire is to see more women be unapologetically selfish for themselves. You DO have something within you that the world needs!


That “something within you” IS NOT doing more, giving more, being perfect, or being like someone else – the world needs YOU – gloriously solid with who you are as a human being!

There is no light without times of dark – times of rest and renewal. Every. Single. Day. But our culture sends a message of “work hard (aka deplete yourself)” – take a vacation – “deplete yourself again.”

Back to sweet, loveable Winnie the Pooh.

Pooh’s wisdom is warm and fuzzy – full of love, joy, community, and simplicity. This beloved animated character knows the secret to create a life and living you love to wake up to:

Lead with Joy!
Practice Sacred Selfishness!
Focus on what matters most to you!
Laugh! Smile! Play!

What’s your dream? How do you want to feel when you wake up in the morning? That person looking at you in the mirror – how do you feel about her, and how are you caring for her?

A new year often brings thoughts of betterment – doing more, having more, succeeding more, which is all fabulous… and entirely possible. Especially if when you look into the mirror, you’re saying, “hey there, wonderful – you’re awesome, just as you are – I love you!”

Moving and grooving  (at your pace of grace), fed by a well-nourished soul, embracing “Sacred Selfishness”: The practice of prioritizing Self, so you have more to give to the world, but not from a place of resentment and depletion, but from a place of health and happiness—this is what the world needs from you – not doing more – depleting your life energy, but bringing your light, infused with happiness, joy, and living life in all 88 keys!

When joy becomes the lens through which you see the world, resiliency expands, self-worth grows, and confidence and clarity rise. 

So, how about making this year, the year of “YOU!” 

When you lead with joy (not shoulds), the things you choose to do professionally and personally flow more easily and become the icing on the delicious cake called you!

Inspired? I hope so!
I’d be honored to walk this path with you.

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