Earlier today, I learned that Artemis Celt, a woman I’ve known since the late 80s, passed over Easter weekend. It was a shock to me and many in our small town.

Shortly after learning of her passing, a friend called. We shared our sadness, a few stories that made us smile, and I said, “I feel like there’s something I’m supposed to hear – a message from Artemis.” 

My intuitively gifted friend suggested I meditate and see what comes through.

I lit a candle, allowed my tears to flow and what I heard was – “all that really matters is love.”

As I thought about Artemis and the profound loss many feel, what came to me is Artemis was love. There were no airs about her. She was grounded, warm, friendly, and a skilled Naturopath.

Artemis wasn’t someone you’d see everywhere, doing everything. She wasn’t a people-pleaser, over-giver, or someone who needed to be seen to feel whole. She had beautiful boundaries in place. She had a strong sense of self and knew what she needed to feed her soul.

I don’t know Artemis’s past, but my sense is she, like many of us, struggled through much, and the gift of her struggles eventually was “settling into herself.” Finding her comfortable place within – and that’s what an encounter with Artemis felt like – comforting to the soul.

So, the death of Artemis has left an enormous hole, not because of all she did, but because what she offered us was herself. She wasn’t distracted by busyness, self-doubt, or self-comparison. She brought her whole self into every moment.

She was present and engaged even with the briefest of encounters. As someone commented in a Facebook thread “her great big heart welcomed me in.”To be fully heart-open is the ultimate offering, without lifting a finger. Perhaps “sustainable well-being” occurs when we heal the cages of protection around our hearts.

Artemis led by example, demonstrating the love a person can hold (that touches others) when we release all the things, we do to feel loved, accepted, appreciated, and seen.

It’s not about doing, having, offering… I believe Artemis’s gift for all of us is the importance of ‘being.’

LOVE starts with you by being present with yourself, being happy with yourself, and respecting yourself (and your boundaries). Owning all the bits and pieces, whether you’re an extrovert, introvert, or ambivert like me, that create the one and only “you.!

The older I become, the more I feel that doing and having is a minor role in what we offer others. What matters most is following the path that leads to being comfortable in your own skin and bringing this energy to the world to share!

In honor of Artemis, I will continue releasing and healing what doesn’t serve me (helping other women do the same) because…

All that really matters is LOVE.

A question to ponder: What can you shift, release, or let go of, to ‘be’ more present with yourself… and with others?

In memory of Artemis Celt, ND, who deeply loved humans, animals, and nature. No doubt she is resting in peace and shining her light from above.

Artemis and her beloved dog Ruby. Photo credit: James Island.  

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