“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.” – Mother Teresa  

[Creating connections with like-minded midlife women. A blog series introduction and FREE Zoom gathering opportunity – registration link below.]


From 2004 to 2014, I owned a Nutrition and Wellness store in the Victorian Seaport – Port Townsend, WA. The store graced a street corner in an area of town called “Uptown.” In the Victorian era, “Uptown” was where the “proper” people lived. In my era, it’s where the eclectic cool people live (IMHO).

I have always loved “spinning connection” and within those walls, we hosted fundraising spa parties, music in the “lobby area,” morning qigong classes, book readings, events that supported youth, clothing exchanges, and many wellness-related education classes. Gosh… so much! 

Like so many of you, I miss the ease of connecting with humans. 

As January 2022 progressed, I pondered the questions shared in my December 28th blog, and clarity began to seep in. I found myself comparing my former brick-and-mortar business to my online business. What do I like, what’s missing? This is an excellent question for you to ponder as well – personally and professionally. What do you like, what’s missing?

The question that came to mind is this: How do I (along with you) “spin group connection” and gather like-minded women in the online world while sustaining wellbeing and time for “what matters most?” *Reminder: Whatever you’re scheming and dreaming for 2022, remember to prioritize your wellbeing. I didn’t prioritize my wellbeing during store ownership days –– I gave, created, gathered, supported, and burnt out. 

Burnout is sneaky – I loved creating, supporting, inspiring, but just like I love chocolate—too much is too much and no longer good for your health.

I mentioned in an earlier blog, that I’m sifting through ideas for an online (but not on Facebook) community for women over-40, with components such as education (by myself and others), and my favorite – discussion! Discussing topics related to what Marianne Williamson so eloquently wrote…

“We ask ourselves, ‘Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?’
Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God.
Your playing small does not serve the world.”

To play big and create ripples in the fabric of life (while sustaining wellbeing), it’s essential to understand the hidden elements that lead to playing small (and being overwhelmed).  

For the past seven years, I’ve immersed myself in a journey of learning how, why, and where I got in my own way. I then took all this “learning” and created my mentoring program for women who want to play big (on their terms – not someone else’s). “Playing big” is often linked to “pushing harder,” but, from my perspective, playing big is being fully alive with all of it – the messiness and the joy! Along with being present, engaged, and doing the inner work that will allow the full light of “you” to shine.

Even as I write this, I’m feeling the residual of old wounds telling me the safer path is status quo. The “status quo” voice tells me to hide, to hold back, and to not try new things. My soul’s voice offers a hug with these reassuring words – “spread your wings, you are held, you are guided, you are safe.” I forget this sometimes. If you do too, please know these words are for you as well!

So, in the spirit of “connection” (my word for 2022) and “making ripples,” I’ve written a series of emails that illuminate the “hidden elements” that get in a woman’s way of authentic self and joy. Many of which we’ve inherited – such as from the Victorian Days and the “proper” way women should behave.

And… JOY OF JOYS – this series includes two FREE Zoom discussions and Q&A

Each email offers questions, tips, and ideas for you to bring awareness to what’s hidden. The series kicks off with a re-write of a blog written two years ago called “Dear Busy, Let’s Break Up.” Followed by “Are You Putting Frosting on Dog Poop?” Quite the visual, huh?! This one will likely change how you think. 

The blog series will post on February 8th and 15th and March 1st, 15th. Zoom calls, February 22 and March 29th. 

To wrap this blog up, I want to share these words with you… years ago, while interviewing women in leadership, one woman ended her interview with this powerful statement: “I just want us to let go of the bullshit messages and legacies that we carry forward that hold us back.” And another woman shared this, “don’t postpone joy!”

YES! YES! YES! Little did I know then that these two statements would shape the nature of my work today. 

I thoroughly enjoy witnessing the transformation that my 1:1 mentoring program “Emerge into Joy” sparks in women – just like I thoroughly enjoyed seeing my nutrition store customers become healthier. But the “icing on the delicious gluten-free carrot cake” 😉 while owning my brick-and-mortar business was “spinning group connection.” More of this, please, in 2022!

What would you like more of in 2022?

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