Calling in 2022, in Rhythm with the Earth (not the calendar).

Early in 2020, I wrote a blog about VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity), which included four ideas for navigating uncertain times.

Two years later, we are still in the thick of “VUCA,” and the hard truth is this is unlikely to change due to the health of our planet and humanity. 

However – you CAN change! You can lead yourself differently. You can respond differently. You can choose differently. You can do all that you do – differently.

To heal our planet, we must heal our hurried nature. 

Pause to consider how capitalism, colonialism, and social conditioning have fostered a culture that honors exhaustion, working hard, over-producing, over-purchasing, growing rapidly, scaling up – with little time given to ‘tending’ the heart and soul of companies, organizations, and humanity.

Please join me in calling in 2022 differently! Instead of rushing to make new year’s resolutions or adopt your theme for the year – be a disruptor, a trailblazer, a pioneer—do it differently! 

Use each of the following four phases to ponder past, present, and future… tending your needs, your desires, and healing for the year ahead. 

  • Read the questions at the beginning date of each phase – but don’t answer right away.
  • Allow your thoughts to sift through your mind, heart, and dream space for a few days and…
  • Then answer the questions, while holding this thought in mind – “less of that please, more of this please.”
    *Create your questions too. What is it you need to ask you?


Use today to take a deep breath – with a robust exhale, releasing hurry, hustle, and “have to’s.” Allow yourself a day of what feeds your soul. No hard thinking. No conjuring what’s next. Dedicate today to being present with what is.

Phase 1: December 31 to January 5
What felt good?
What didn’t feel good… what have you learned?
What do you feel proud of?
Did you consistently access your inner spirit (the conduit to your higher self)?
When did you feel depleted (why)?
When did you feel fulfilled (why)?
What needs to be completed?
Release the tension of pressure to “do” 2022 better. Honor your steps. Respect the challenges.

Phase 2: January 6 to January 10

What kindred spirits can you spend more time with?
Who has your back through thick and thin?
Who got in your way and why?
Where didn’t things work in relation to others?
Who can help you fulfill your healthy ambitions for 2022?
Who energizes you, who depletes you?
How is the health of your spirit?

Phase 3: January 11 to January 15

What’s most important to you?
Are you living as your most authentic self?

Are you living in alignment with your authentic self?
What are you tolerating that needs to change, for you to move forwards?
Where are you not respecting yourself?
Where do you get in your own way?
Where can you be more forgiving and understanding of yourself?
Are you leading with joy, or being led by outside influences?

What gives you a sense of purpose and spirit?

Phase 4: January 16 to January 20

Where is your mind seducing you?
Where can you let go of your self-imposed limitations?
Where is your mind keeping you from seeing your own promise?
Do you see your mental distortions of who you are?
How can you move forward resting within yourself?
What’s one change you could make that would give you more inner peace and calm?

Happy New Year – January 21 

Today, light a candle in honor of ‘You’ and the part you play in weaving an ‘energy of healing’ for humanity, the planet, and yourself.

Surrender – surrender – surrender.
You have all that you need.

You are enough.
Step forward with the quality of a curious explorer.
Set your intentions (daily).
Be attentive to how you get in your own way (course correct with self-kindness).
Be attentive to your sweet spot. Connect here often.

With your magic wand in hand… what’s your “less please, more please” for the year ahead?

Be curious.
Be open.
Be kind.
Be wise.
Be aware.

*This different way of entering 2022 is inspired by the “Human Design” approach… which aligns with the transit of the sun – fully emerging into the light on January 21st, 2022.

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“We must live the changes we want to see in the world.”
– Mahatma Gandhi



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