Evolving, Beingness, Stillness. I’ve been pondering and playing with these words for close to seven years, without naming what I’ve been playing with because I didn’t know until recently.
A bit like playing with fire, I imagine – “burning down to ashes,” as some would say – and I agree.

Through it all, evolution has been center stage. As we know from history, evolution is wrought with turmoil, collapse, conflict, emerging, discovery, and growth.
Merriam-Webster offers these two definitions (among others):

• a process of change in a certain direction: UNFOLDING
• a process of continuous change from a lower, simpler, or worse to a higher, more complex, or better state: GROWTH

My unfolding the past seven years personally and professionally has gone like this: Do less Live More, Overcome Overwhelm, Sacred Selfishness, and Calling in Clarity.

You know the saying – “the teacher teaches what she needs to learn.” So true! Unfolding has been the theme, growth the name of the game.

These “business” evolutions have served a purpose; I certainly hope for my clients and those of you who read what I write that my sharing has helped your evolution of growth too.

Announcement – Change is in the Air!

Since 2019 I’ve been teaching a program titled: “Calling in Clarity.” I’ve known all along that this “title” didn’t fully describe the program. Instead of trying to find what does, I continued forward, knowing that a title would emerge when the time was right. Emerge, it did!

My clients have taught me that prioritizing what’s most important to them creates room for joy to emerge. Doing Less (of what doesn’t serve you), overcoming overwhelm, sacred selfishness, and calling in clarity, are essential components – but the outcome is ever-increasing JOY!

“I learned that when I do things for my happiness and joy, the world responds…I found balance and happiness for the first time in my career and life.”
-Stephanie Benson, Metalsmith Jeweler, Seattle WA

As I wrote on my website: “Mind you; this isn’t Pollyanna-style joy—what I champion is “courageous joy.” Courageous JOY doesn’t depend on what happens outside of you – it lives within you!

I have so much I’d like to share about how “Leading with Joy” supports leadership, success (by your definition), and well-lived life – and I will. But for now, I’m excited to announce that my mentoring program, “Calling in Clarity,” has evolved into “EMERGE INTO JOY,” focusing on working with over-40 women.

Why over-40?
Over-40 isn’t written in stone by any means, but the “Emerge into JOY” teaching framework best serves women in leadership, business, and life transition.
Women who’ve experienced (or are experiencing) “burning down to ashes,” who’ve spent years “being it all to everyone,” who are questioning the status quo.
Women who are desiring something different (but not sure what), tiring of overwhelm, wanting time for themselves (without guilt), and wishing there was a better way. There is a better way!

January 1st, 2022, I will celebrate SEVEN YEARS of unwinding from my over-busy habits, profound healing, and “living in the space between of what was and what will be.” ‘Will be’ has arrived!

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Ubuntu, (I am because we are)

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