To get the most out of this blog, pause for a moment to visualize a lioness walking, roaring, and lounging. Have you got a visual? Okay then, read on.

I’ve long been fascinated with lions – these gorgeous animals exude beauty, inner-power, and courage.

Lions are social animals who live in groups called pride (support system). Prides are a matriarchy (see why I love lions ?), with the females taking the lead hunting (giving), guarding the territory (boundaries), and taking care of the cubs (nurturing).

When you think of roaring—does this feel like a way to express anger and rage? That’s what I thought too, but not so, at least not for lions. Lions do not roar when angry. They roar to maintain territory boundaries and to show health and strength in their pride members. In other words, they speak up for what matters most to them, preventing the rise of anger.

Now, if you cross paths with an angry lion, you’ll see them slowly swishing their tail back and forth (visualize your swish – a powerful ‘in your body’ feeling, isn’t it?!). Angry lions are grounded and immensely clear about what isn’t working for them. Their keen awareness (mindfulness) keeps them focused on what issues to resolve quickly. There’s no such thing as avoidance, no fear of confrontation—they feel it and deal with it.

You may think your inner roar is so others will hear you. It’s not it’s for you! Are you roaring for boundaries you’ve set? Are you roaring for your well-being? Are you roaring from what matters most to you?


  1. A willingness to explore the unknown and to take steps towards what’s uncomfortable.
  2. A willingness to turn down the outer world noise and turn up your inner roar.
  3. A willingness to ask the hard questions, the questions kept buried with daily busyness and self-made distractions (aka as noise).

We have arrived at a precarious place with our planet. The world needs strong, grounded women who walk with a saunter that says, “I am woman, hear me roar!” While owning our innate traits as nurturers, givers (and receivers), and gathering for the well-being of humanity and this earth we are caretakers of.

My dear friend Barbara Huson wrote in her book Overcoming Overearning, “when you learn to face what fears you, it need never control you again.”

Are you feeling the call to reveal what’s blocking your inner roar, to face your fears, and to liberate yourself from a millennium of oppression? Click here – let’s talk!

With gratitude to the late Helen Reddy – “I am woman, hear me roar.” 1972

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