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Logically I know I’m not alone in feeling the way I’m feeling, yet at times, I feel so very alone. Do you?

A few weeks ago, about four months into COVID social isolation, I woke up with this less-than-cheerful thought: “Here I go, another day of same ol’, same ol’.” I’d barely navigated my negative attitude when this insight arrived: “Oh, that’s what this time is all about—learning to live with ourselves!

This morning, snuggled in bed with a cup of tea, with twinkle lights on, as our early morning summer light is shifting to darkness, I was reading the book “Rituals” by Yarrow Magdalena, who also happens to be my website designer, tech savior and a deeply beautiful human being. As I turned the pages to the chapter on grief, another thought swooped in:That’s what this heavy weight on my chest is—grief!”

Yarrow writes, “We are very avoidant of death and tend to think that only big losses are worthy of time and space to mourn.” Of course, a life-changing global pandemic qualifies as a Big Loss, but how many of us deny this?

As I sat with the idea of grieving and grief, woven in with the thought of “learning to live with ourselves,” it occurred to me that this time we are in embodies all of these feelings:

Grief – grieving loss of what was.
Fear – uncertainty of what will be.
Death – of certainty, of ‘normal,’ of knowing what to expect.
Avoidance – distraction from pain.
Mourning – missing so much and it hurts, it really hurts!
Striving – striving to feel normal, when nothing is normal.
Confusion – why, how, what, when…and so on.
Exhaustion – emotional turmoil, because all this is Big Loss!

I feel the frustration of unmet needs and wants. I want to gather women in my living room again. I want us to share and talk and hold space for each other. I want to greet people with hugs. I want to walk freely unmasked. I want to be able to speak my mind, without fear of being ostracized. I want to get on a plane and visit my family in Australia (a spring trip that was cancelled). I want to fly somewhere warm this winter. I want summer to go on forever and I’m concerned about my mental health this winter, which means I’m concerned about yours, too.

Yet I’ve done this before. My sabbatical “which I began on the first day of fall in September 2015, was the most extraordinary training ground for this time in history. Thanks to my self-imposed year of isolation, I know how to navigate ‘all this,’ and I don’t want to do this alone—I want to do this with you!

Which leads me to my ANNOUNCEMENT!

Utilizing Patreon, a membership platform for creatives, I’m launching ‘Monday Morning Messages’ as a focal point for staying true to yourself, while riding the often dizzy-making roller coaster of emotions that accompany our current circumstances.

I’d love to have you join me, in my imaginary living room, going deep, making good use of this timereleasing what no longer serves you and clearing your path for achieving what’s most important to you.

Your morning message is crafted to be easily absorbed in 10 minutes or less—setting the tone for your week ahead, while providing ideas to integrate. I’m calling it “nourishment for your soul.”

Please click here to learn more about Monday Morning Messages, and watch a short video introduction. The official start is Monday, September 21st, the eve of Fall 2020—marking my five-year sabbatical anniversary.

Are you ready to live in confident and comfortable union with yourself? There is nothing more beautiful and powerful than a woman (or man) who moves and creates from a place of soul-centered alignment.

I’d be honored to ride the wave of ‘all this’ with you, learning to live with ourselves, and using this time as a catalyst for something greater.

*The first 10 women who subscribe by September 14th have the option of receiving a 30-minute mentoring session with me [$87 value].


PS Check out my Patreon Page and short intro video here.







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