[Written during the 2020 Pandemic Shutdown]
What has happened to time? Have you felt a blurring of days, peppered with forgetfulness, distraction and well, 101 emotions moving through you in any given day?

It’s a ride for sure. One I would love to exit and I’m sure you would too. As this is currently not possible, I’m wielding my power of choice like a rock star wields a fire-throwing electric guitar! How’s that for a visual? 😉

Initially, I chose to climb onto the Zoom wagon, facilitating a few meetings – two went great, one fell flat. I then led a light learning Zoom course “Resistance to Resilience”– which was fabulous. Trying on “new” also sparked a process of asking questions (such as the questions shared below.)

This forced “pandemic pause” offered time to reevaluate and reminded me to grab my ‘POWER OF CHOICE’ wand and make decisions that support my well-being. (What decisions can you make?)

#1I’m not writing because my calendar says I “should.”  I’ll wait until my heart says – “okay, now is good!”
What are you doing that is led by the shoulds?

#2: I implemented a May-Atorium from social media. My choice is to not be led by algorithms and experts telling me that if I’m not present every day, I’ll be invisible. So be it!
How about you – is there something you can let go of to support your well-being?

#3: After a 3-week quarantine, I chose to gather up a few friends (one at a time) and began walking two arm lengths apart and two hearts beating together. These weekly encounters feed my soul!
What choices can you make to feed your soul?

#4: After removing myself from the noise of social media a whoosh of clarity blew in with a message, that I don’t think is just for me…

A future that supports the well-being of humanity, our planet, our businesses, and our communities will thrive with clarity and simplicity and fail with complexity and complication.

#5: I’ve been giving a lot of thought to what feels simple and what feels complicated both internally and externally. The choice I’m making is to purge another layer – from the shelves in our home – from the emotions that were taking me down (hence my social media departure) to my website… clearing out the clutter of words (a project in progress.)
What feels complex to you and where can you simplify?

#6: Choosing to re-orient. Every. Single. Day. We truly are in transition every day. There is not one thing that is known for sure about Covid-19 or about the choices our government will make. This daily uncertainty requires consistent re-orientation of your mind, body, and soul.
Are you checking in with yourself daily to feel where alignment is needed?

#7: Lucky 7! This time of uncertainty, if you choose, can be an extraordinary opportunity to re-orient to a future with more ease, clarity, health, and happiness!

With this thought in mind, I’m excited to share a 30-minute podcast interview with Kelly Covert, an Inner Voice Coach, and a professional flutist.
CLICK HERE to listen to the podcast episode to further your exploration of simplifying and re-orienting to what matters most!

Thank you for being here, for reading what I write, and for being a person who’s willing to explore new ideas and new ways of thinking and being.

You’re a rock star!!

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