Morning have always been my favorite part of the day. For me mornings signify a day full of possibilities.

But as I peer through the looking glass of life gone past, I see how I confused “possibility” with “productivity.” Or more aptly – over-productivity.

This unique situation we’re in together, that has caused a slowing worldwide is a beautiful opportunity to dream into new possibility; to shed what no longer serves you, to let go of ‘ways of being’ that due to cultural pressure you’ve been forcing upon yourself, to settle in and ask questions like:

  • What uplifts me?
  • What drains me?
  • What is causing emotional pain?
  • What is the root cause of this pain?
  • What am I doing because I’ve always done it this way?
  • What am I holding on tightly to?
  • Where can I loosen my grip?

Feel and listen. Spend moments with your eyes closed. Allow time for deep breathing and deep exhaling.

Our normal is shifting…it’s in process. As I shared in a recent blog “we are in the space between what was and what will be.” The space between can be both confusing and exhilarating.

Think of it this way – you’ve purchased your dream home. You feel happy. It’s full of boxes to be unpacked. You’re not sure where to put everything. You feel overwhelmed. You can’t kind find what you’re looking for. You feel unsettled. It doesn’t feel like home. You crave the comfort of normal.

Eventually, as it always does, a new normal takes hold, but…did you bring too many boxes of old stuff with you?

On some level, this experience will change all of us for the better…if we allow it too. Everyone, even those I know, who due to current circumstances are busier than ever – even you have the power of choice—what choices can you make right now to come into alignment with the slower, deeper rhythmic beat of our earth?

Ubuntu (I am because we are).

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