Decades ago, I was working at a service counter when a customer glanced down at what I had written, whips her head up and says, “you don’t like being told what to do!” I was young then and responded with an uncomfortable giggle, followed by a quiet whisper of “how did you know?” Turns out, she was in the business of handwriting analysis and she was spot on.

Fast forward to today. We are all being told what to do – stay home, stay away—mind you, for a very good reason and I’m wholeheartedly adhering, but still…inside I’ve felt a niggling nudge of – “don’t tell me what to do!” I’m having moments of wanting to throw a little kid fit – I don’t want this, I don’t want hard, I don’t want a recession, I don’t want friends sick. I want to go back to normal! Stomp! Stomp! Stomp!

Worldwide, we are in the space between what was, and what will be. The void, the unknown, the uncertainty, but as a my friend Barbara Huson, author of Sacred Success, says “there is value in the void!”

My business was born in the space between. By slowing down. By giving up the “push”. By sitting with my agitation. By accomplishing less. By learning to let go over and over and over and by learning to redefine everything as I previously knew it…an idea grew and so did my capacity for resilience.

Carl Jung said, “What we resistpersists“. So true!

Resistance persists when we deny emotions that need to be expressed. Instead – acknowledge what you’re feeling. Write down what you’re feeling loss around. Stomp it out. Move emotion through. Repeat as needed.

How well did you move your emotions through? How well did you loosen your grip? How well did you let go? How well did you face, what you didn’t want to face? How well did you allow change to unfold? How well did you shift uncertainty into opportunity? How well did you move from resistance to resilience?

We’re in this together!
xo Suzy




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