How are you? I mean really…How. Are. You?
Are you breathing? Where is fear living within you…and why? Where is calm living within you…and why? What’s frustrating, infuriating, confusing, worrisome? What gives you hope?

This is an extraordinarily unsettling time for so many. Livelihood is at stake. Business owners are in shock. Breadwinners are told to go home. There is no normal. There is no reference point – on a world scale, we have never been in this position before.

Feel in.

Acknowledge what you’re feeling without embodying your feeling. Instead of saying “I’m so worried” try “worry is present.” By removing “I” and acknowledging the presence of what you’re feeling, such as – “anger has shown up,”  it’s easier to feel in without becoming your emotion.

Pause. Breathe. What do you need for the well-being of you right now?

How about putting away your crystal ballat this moment everything is conjecture, there is no way to predict outcomes. Consider removing your thinking capin this moment, no amount of mental time, media time, news time, talk time, will fix what you’re fixating on.

Feeling tired? An appropriate physical response – this is a lot! For your health, please rest.

Feeling overwhelmed? Given what’s happening, I imagine that most overwhelm is coming from information overload and emotion overload. Where can you lighten up? What (and who) can you disengage from? Where can you engage to uplift yourself and others?

Practice physical distancing. Embrace social connecting. Send a text to simply say “hello, I’m thinking of you.” Hand write a letter. Facetime. Zoom. Conference call. Nap. Read. Stretch. Dance. Wiggle. Laugh.

Let go…for your physical and emotionally well-being…let go. Our earth is breathing again, what if you did too?

See things differently.

What if we all disengaged from fear – and as a friend recently shared with me, turn towards love? Do you believe we are all connected? I do. If you do, then allow me to offer this thought…

How you feel, what you think, the actions you take, how you choose to spend your life energy and how well you let go of what is not serving you right now, is a gift to all humanity.

In the words of my late mother (who never swore until her 82nd year on this earth) “sometimes you just have to chuck it in the fuck it bucket.” I feel her whispering in her thick english accent, “Chuck it! You are safe, you are held.”

Feel in. Connect. Let go. Trust.

With all my heart and soul, I wish you health and well-being!

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