Do you agree that our culturally perpetuated drive to achieve and accomplish, often lands women squarely in their head space…over-thinking, over-analyzing, over-worrying, over-pleasing and over-busy?

Well then, allow me to introduce the concept of ‘flourishment’.

I love this non-word. I even use it front and center on my website: “I help women like you, who desire to make a positive impact, get out of your own way by identifying the behaviors and hidden beliefs (yes, we all have them) that are blocking your path to ‘flourishment’.

The word flourishment [Nourish + Flourish = Flourishment] came to me in a roundabout way…via what I call “thought pops,” – ideas that come from nowhere. Although recently someone, with a twinkle in her eye, said “Suzy, they come from somewhere.” Truthfully, we all get them. But so often, because our culture supports a life guided by a well-tuned mind (aka, busy mind), as opposed to a tuned-in soul, these thoughts from “somewhere” are often missed and land nowhere.

Around 2010, when I was in the beginning phases of loosening my mental grip (unwinding from busyness) and strengthening my soul-grip, I went for a walk in the woods when out of nowhere…(😉) I heard these three touchstones for living a life of flourishment:

  • Nourish the body
  • Quiet the mind
  • Feed the soul

My intention for this email, was to write a definition for each these, but something didn’t feel right. I have learned (often via a ‘2 x 4’ hitting me upside the head) that if something feels off, it usually means I’m missing something. To avoid the ‘2 x 4’, I now step away for a bit because usually I’m missing the ‘something’ due to being stuck in my head (see how this works?).

That is what I did—I stepped away. Three weeks later, I revisited writing this and voilà —what came to me is…

It is not my place to describe each of these touchpoints for you, it’s for you to ask the following questions and define the meaning for yourself. This would seem like a no-brainer; however with the plethora of information available nowadays, telling you what to do and how to do it, it’s easy to forget that what is most important, is what you decide for yourself.

#1: Where are you being called to tune-in (fine-tune) with each touchstone?

In addition, a valuable question to ask yourself is:
#2: What does each touchstone ‘feel’ like to you?
When you define the feeling, it becomes easier to associate with. Like a good friend—your desire to spend time tending to each of these areas grows when there is a positive feeling associated.

To help get your ideas flowing here are my examples:

Nourish my body with healthy food and movement.
Nourish what is important to me: Relationships, Tuning-in, Nature.
**What does ‘nourish’ feel like?
Nourish feels gentle and soothing, like how you treat a baby – with tender love and care.

Silence is the pathway to my soul and creativity. For me this means no other sounds – no music, no podcasts, no talking – simply hearing what naturally surrounds me.
**What does quiet feel like?
The phrase “it’s like a breath of fresh air” so beautifully describes the feeling that quiet brings to me. It’s aligning, uplifting, calming.

My soul food is laughter, uplifting conversation, nature, witnessing women breakthrough their mental smokescreens (myself include), adventure and cozy time at home.
**What does a well fed soul feel like?
When my soul is receiving daily morsels, I feel calm, resilient, content, hopeful, connected and I sleep well…which I haven’t been, which brings me to:

I refer to ‘nourish the body, ‘quiet the mind’ and ‘feed the soul’ as touchstones, because they serve as beautiful reminders (I’d love to have these actually engraved on stones) to pause and tune-in.
Especially handy for course-correcting when you catch yourself ‘squarely in your head’ – which often translates into tension, stress and yup, you got it – over-thinking!

Pausing. Tuning in. Course correcting.

Wishing you ever-growing flourishment of mind, body and soul!


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