There’s a quote by Microsoft Founder Bill Gates “I will always choose a lazy person to do a difficult job because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it”

One of the definitions for lazy is “unwilling to use energy.” That would be me…because currently I have none. My mojo is apparently on an extended vacation. So, in true lazy fashion I scanned through old blogs that I could rerun and came across this one written in 2013 that began with, “how do I get through this period of transition without letting the intensity of circumstances drag me down?”

Ermahgerd …you mean I’m here again? Uh huh!

What surprised me most about this blog, which I hadn’t noticed until I went looking for something to ‘rerun’ was how many views it had received. More than any other blog I’ve written.

This tells me, I wasn’t the only one back in 2013 navigating the hurdles of transition and I’m not the only one now. I hope you find these ten ideas helpful.
The ‘*’ indicates year 2020 additions.

#1: Prioritize Self-care. Whether this means stepping outside for a few minutes to breathe deeply or taking “10” to quiet the mind and relax.
*I found it interesting that this was written a few years before the phrase came to me – Sacred Selfishness: The Practice of Prioritizing Self. Perhaps a premonition of what was to come.

#2: Stay out of the ‘how’. I get so stuck in the question of “how am I going to do this”?
*Today I have on repeat a quote from Tosha Silver “Let everything that needs to go, go. Let everything that needs to come, come”…an antidote to over-thinking.

#3: Laugh. Even when traversing transition, if our eyes, ears and heart are open, there are always moments of laughter – step into those moments and feel the bliss.
*Or cry. In 2013 I avoided my tears. In 2020, my strength to feel what’s uncomfortable has grown substantially. I’ve been crying more than laughing lately and that’s okay…tears are water for the soul to grow.

#4: Trust! Toss all feelings of angst, worry and “how” up to the Universe. Leave it to Divine intervention and trust that everything happens for a reason and all will be well (in fact, all will be even better!)
*Yea, okay. Some days easier said than done. Reminder received.

#5: Face your fears and the fear will dissipate.  Run from your fear and it chases you.  I am not running. Are you?
*This transition I’m in is present because I’m finally touching a part of me that is ready to heal that I skillfully (and unwittingly) ran from for decades. Exhausting, disorienting…so no, I’m not running, I’m turning towards the wounds left from childhood trauma and facing them head on…with heart.

#6: Take the steps that are needed, one foot in front of the other.  If you are moving forward and holding trust in your heart, life will unfold as it should in the most beautiful way just for you.
*The past few years I’ve cleared away a lot of emotional clutter. Without clutter clouding my vision, I have more clarity and commitment to the healing process than I’ve had in my entire life. Clarity doesn’t mean life is perfect or easy, but it does mean your emotional vision-scape is clear enough to see which steps to take. Otherwise, it’s just a continuation of 2 x 4’s smacking against the head. I’m done with that! How about you?

#7: Ask for help.  Stay in a place of trusting that all will be well – ask, listen, watch for signs and look for that crack in the wall that lets the light shine through. It’s there. I promise.
*Yes, yes, yes!

#8: Let go of the “shoulds”.  My friend Athena Burke told me, “I should, is God telling you, you should not.” Are you driven by your “shoulds” or by your heart?
*Whatever follows an “I should”, is a lie. Knowing what’s driving you, is one of the most life enhancing discoveries you can make. It’s an integral part of ‘calling in clarity.’

#9: Do something that makes you happy. I got up early this morning and caught myself stepping into the “how” and decided instead to write this.  Writing makes me happy. Inspiring people makes me happy. Coaching nutrition clients makes me happy. Working with customers at my store makes me happy. Being outdoors makes me happy. What makes you happy?
*The store sold, end of 2014…the rest remains true, with a slight plot twist from coaching nutrition clients, to mentoring forward thinking mission-inspired women…which makes me happy.

#10: The recipe of life takes a mixture of ingredients. It’s about balance – sipping lemonade while squeezing lemons to make more lemonade.
*I honestly don’t believe in balance anymore. Life ebbs and flows. How we choose to use the highs and lows is much more important than trying to find the elusive secrets to life balance.

One foot in front of the other…breathe (often)…let go of your grip.
*Let go of attachment…huge!

There you have it. The 2020 version of ‘Navigating Life Transitions.’ Truth-be-told…there is no time frame for transition. I’ve been in the thick of it for years and the past few months, have been the thickest of them all…which can only mean one thing – I’m about to breakthrough!

I encourage you to dig deep; to face what scares you, to ask for help and most important to slow down and find you path to clarity, because…clarity is where courage lives!

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