Have you ever been told “you’re too sensitive?” There are a thousand ways we can label ourselves “wrong” and if you are one of the millions of people who become exhausted when interacting with certain people or too many people you may be what science is now calling an HSP – Highly Sensitive Person.

I used to think something was wrong with me…my health – why did I get so tired from a day at school, or night out with friends or even when spending time in a crowded shopping mall? I even labeled myself as intolerant because certain people left me feeling mentally and physically exhausted. Again, what’s wrong with me?

A few years ago, I came across a documentary by Dr. Elain Aron about highly sensitive people which spun that statement “you’re too sensitive” right around!

There was/is nothing wrong with me, I am in fact an HSP and sensitivity is a gift, not a curse as I was led to believe as a child. Over time, I learned to adjust how I live and the choices I make, whereas in the past, before learning the strategies I share below…I simply and not so elegantly, crashed into a puddle of exhausted tears.

The following six strategies have helped me navigate this ‘loud’ world we live in, while retaining my inner peace (aka, sanity).

Even if you’re not an HSP, these are all healthy suggestions for living a life where you are thriving, not just surviving. Let’s face it – it’s a crazy busy world out there that can take down even the most energetic, socially oriented person.


#1: Say “no” more often.
Sensitive people pick up on environmental and physical energies making them more prone to exhaustion and overwhelm. Choose your yes’s wisely.

#2: Boundaries: Set them. Honor them. 
Share your boundary needs with those closest to you. Let them know when you need alone time to refuel and why it’s so important for your well-being. For parents this is important as it’s quite likely one of your children will also be sensitive, or in my case, my dog is too!

#3: Know your energy limit and how to refuel.
I can be high energy, but I now know that I must schedule down time for renewal. If I go from one thing to the next thing it’s a recipe for total depletion.

#4: Let Go…
Of relationships/friendships/volunteer work
that leaves you feeling exhausted. If you had a pile of money at your feet, you wouldn’t (I hope) toss it around mindlessly. The same thing goes for your life energy. You only have so much – spend it wisely!

#5: Use that incredible intuition that sensitives have.
You know – you just know! You know things about others, you know what’s best for yourself. Quiet time, tune in…listen, trust.

#6: Know how to refuel.
At the first sign of depletion and exhaustion, stop and refuel. My refuel go-to is always nature! If that’s not possible; a cozy corner listening to calming music, deep breathing or ten minutes of eyes closed. In a pinch, I’ve even dashed for the bathroom for a few minutes of deep breaths and centering. Find what works for you.

#7…Calling in Clarity.
Okay, truth be told – this is the name of my new course. A step by step playbook for living life unhindered…which includes learning strategies for spending your life energy wisely. Click here to be the first notified of this upcoming online 8-Session course – for HSP’s and social butterfly’s too!

I’d love to hear your ideas for self-renewal – post in the comments below!

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