This past week I fully stepped out of my safe and quiet space, that I purposely stepped into, the fall of 2014…and as things go, was immediately tossed a couple of tests (aka triggers).

I could see in my minds-eye, a circle of beings hovering above me with a questioning look on their faces asking; is she really ready, can we take her down, will she pass this test?

My ‘test’ was being tossed circumstances that triggered my most deeply dug self-sabotaging behavior of – “not enough” – I don’t know enough, I’m not good enough, I’m not educated enough – my usual.


Okay, truth – I was moving in to take a huge chomp of that trigger. But here’s what happens when you A) allow yourself to slow your pace and learn what you need to learn B) strengthen your awareness muscles, so C) your triggers no longer become an obstacle to take you down, they become the path to learning and opportunity.

I felt the trigger, took a deep breath, paused and asked myself, “why is this bothering me?” In one of the instances, the ‘trigger’ came because someone was doing something, I thought I should be doing (being more aggressive with promoting my mentoring services).

Here’s how it goes:
#1: Pause and ask, how can I see this differently? 
This helped me transcend my trigger of ‘less than’ (a side effect of ‘not enough’) and see that what she was offering is valuable and that what I’m offering is valuable. Our messages are parallel, but our delivery and how we promote, is unique to each of us. No need to feel “less than”, just “as I am.”

#2: Did you catch the “I should?” 
‘Not Enough’ is wrought with “I should’s”. Do I need to put myself out there like she does? Heck no! The way she does it, is not my way, or my personality or my style – it’s hers.

#3: Trust
Deep breathe, believe. I believe that as long as I show up as ‘who I am’, not compromising my way, or myself because of “should” and “not enough”, that the path that is for my highest and greatest good will reveal itself. It will for you too.

#4: Allow
Allow yourself to be where you’re at. It’s okay. We are conditioned to feel as if we should be somewhere else (doing more, dare I say) – physically, mentally – whatever. I believe, when you’re aware – paying attention to your ‘self’ and experiencing the full breadth of emotion, from sadness to joy with an attitude of curiosity, that the path to what you are ready for next, will unfold in front of you.

So, to answer the questions from the ‘beings’ circling above me – HECK YA – I’m ready. I passed their test!

Was that the last test? Hah! I wish, but no…there will be more, but what I am learning is the more consistently congruent I am with myself – my beliefs, my values – these ‘tests’ become easier to navigate, the lessons easier to receive, allowing me healthy life energy to foster my mission and stay focused on what’s most important to me.

What are you ready for?

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