For most of my life, I harbored the belief that a powerful, successful woman was confident witty, smart, attractive, outgoing, involved, charismatic and she was liked, because she was able to do it all…for everyone!

I learned through the school of hard knocks that my belief, was not my belief at all.

If you too have held any of these beliefs, please know you are not alone. For women, especially if you were born before the late 70’s or even early 80’s, you have been indoctrinated into a patriarchal culture through modeling of behavior passed down through generations. Add to the mix how media has impressed upon women the importance of perfection—perfection with our personalities, with our looks, with how much we do…the side-effects of social conditioning, has been a rapid moving virus, for centuries infecting almost every woman.

My fatigue that came from ‘doing it all’ and trying to be the person I thought I should be, has taken me down an interesting road; one that fostered the Sacred Selfishness philosophy, followed by Alchemy of Feminine Leadership™ that led to discovering…Virago Women!

I fell head over heals in love with this term and its history. Here’s why…

Virago’s Latin meaning is: Vigorous, heroic maiden, a female warrior, heroine. A woman with stature, strength and courage. But as the eradicating of women’s right to choose and be heard grew, the term Virago was used to describe an aggressive and over-bearing woman, who violates cultural norms (oh my!).

We, the women, have arrived at a time in history when ‘violating cultural norms’ is paramount to the health of humanity, our planet and our own well-being.

With the #metoo movement and more women stepping into the political ring and into leadership roles, there is an awakening emerging. One that see’s the value of a woman’s nurturing, compassionate nature, and honors the importance of bringing these powerful traits to the political and business landscape.

Time is no longer on our side, so how do women begin this most important shifting of thousands of years of oppression?

We shift, by learning to accept ourselves – for who we are at our core—stepping away from inherited beliefs (discovering what your core sabotaging beliefs are), letting your feminine nature lead in all arena’s – not feeling like you must show up with masculine, conflict oriented energy (that’s not working, is it?!) in order to be respected and by ceasing the relentless apologizing and use of the word “sorry”.

Embracing VIRAGO
Virago women come in all shapes, sizes, colors, ages and all personalities – quiet, loud, witty, sincere, introspective, outgoing – some love dresses and high heels, others love pants and hiking boots. It’s not about appearances, it’s about integrity, chutzpah, compassion and passion for leading like a woman (your version, not someone else’s)!

A Virago woman (also my definition of a leader), is any woman who is courageously taking the inward journey to access her full potential so she can inspire the full potential in others. She’s a woman who owns her messiness and goes for it anyway…at her own pace, not driven by outside influences, allowing her authentic self to emerge by using her current reality as the building blocks to the healthy evolution of ‘self’ and leading from the inside out…not from outside influences.

I’ve created a Facebook group for emerging Virago women (I believe we are always emerging), who are learning to practice ‘betterment’ over perfection; who are tapping into that inner courage and wading into messy emotions (even if it’s dipping a toe), who are willing and ready to cultivate the capacity to grow, change and alchemize into their authentic self – taking the lid off so-to-speak and letting your inner light shine brightly.

So, in honor of all the Virago women before us; who burned at the stake, who marched for our right to vote, who sat on buses and refused to be segregated, who rose above their fear, who stood up against demeaning men and put their shyness on the back burner and let their passion lead them, I invite you to join the ‘Virago Women’ Facebook group!

What you can expect:
-Weekly (almost) Facebook lives.
-Thought provoking ideas.
-Inspiring quotes.
-Q&A tele-calls (just for this group).

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I’m curious – after reading this, what’s your definition of a leader? Please post below!

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