The following blog is a break up letter with ‘Busy’. The letter I would have written years ago, had I known that ‘Busy’ was getting the best of me. After reading this, if you feel inspired – write your own letter and send it to the address below. 

Dear Busy – Let’s Break Up

Busy, you used to be fun – remember that? Juggling a hundred things, multi-tasking like a boss. We arrived at the office before anyone else and hit the ground running. We were killing it – raking in the dollars, wining and dining clients and landing those big deals.

But then something shifted…when Friday arrived, you weren’t so fun anymore. I ended the week in a puddle of tears from exhaustion.

You’re pushy. I let you push me. 

I didn’t stop – with you by my side and caffeine as our side kick, we moved to a different city. A smaller city, where things move slower – but not us. Nope, I didn’t change my habits and I let myself be led by beliefs that weren’t even mine. Status quo ruled and we hit the ground running! 

I’m so exhausted. My four-month old baby was up all-night teething. I went to speak at a meeting and babble came out of my mouth. What’s happening to me? What’s happening to us? My boss offered me the company apartment to nap in on my lunch break. Seriously – I look that tired? I AM!

But you and I, we kept going, climbing the company ladder and now things at home aren’t going so well. My husband is drinking a lot. I don’t know what to do. But you told me to keep moving, so I did. I believed you Busy. I believed it when you said if I kept moving, I wouldn’t have to feel what I’m feeling. I believed you when you told me that successful people are busy.

I’m a single mom now. My heart is wrenched. But hey Busy, I landed a new job. I’m flying all over the country, movin’ and groovin’…and my boy is at home without me. My heart is breaking – Busy, why won’t you leave me alone?

I’ve had it. I quit. This isn’t the life I want – you’re really getting on my nerves. I’m buying my own business, then I’ll finally have time for myself. 

Busy, why are you laughingyou’ve been laughing at me for the ten years while I owned my store – why? TELL ME WHY!?

What?! You have been telling me? My exhaustion was a sign to slow down. Not sleeping well was my ‘wake up’ call? Saying “no” to things I used to enjoy was you dropping a hint that we’re just not a good match anymore? Feeling stretched to the breaking point, was you trying to get my attention?

Oh. I didn’t hear you – I was moving so fast. I missed all the signs, but my adrenals didn’t. They are now toast – complete and utter toast! You make me so mad. I’m depleted. I want to feel motivated again.

You’re breaking up with me? NO WAY – I’M BREAKING UP WITH YOU! I’m taking my life back; I’m saying yes to me, I’m learning new habits, I’m letting go of the beliefs and thought patterns that hold me back. Fear is no longer in the driver’s seat – I am!

So, hey Busy, I thought we were good together once, but now I know it was all an illusion. None of it was real or true. I make good choices with my time now. I say ‘no’ to anything that is not within my core values. I feel good about me. I’m leading from my heart, not from you pushing me with your annoying ‘shoulds’ and telling me to please everyone except myself. I am so done with that. I am so done with you!

You know what Busy? I’m on a mission to help women write their break up letter to you,
 so they have the time, energy and focus, to take their business’s, their missions and their lives to the next level – and feel calm and confident doing it (no more guilt trips from you)!

Hmm, Busy you look worried. Ah, you’ve heard. Yes, it’s true. I’m not driven by adrenaline anymore – you’re drug of choice. I kicked that habit years ago. The craving for you is long gone!

Busy – watch out…your mailbox will be overflowing with breakup letters soon. We women…we’re smart. You may have dazzled us once…but you can’t push us around anymore!

So long Busy! You’re done and we women…we’re just getting started. Together (without you) we’re turning this world around, we’re grabbing our dreams and going for it, we’re shining brighter, getting louder and standing prouder! 

So yes…

Dear Busy, I’m breaking up with you…

*Mail your break up letter to: 
‘Busy’ c/o Suzy Carroll, Inc.
1240 W. Sims Way, #277
Port Townsend, WA 98368

Don’t be nice – let it rip, rage, yell, swear, write in all caps – Busy needs to hear you! End your letter, by letting Busy know what your life will feel and look like and what you’ll be able to accomplish (with more ease) without Busy around!

Every letter received will be burned to ashes – a ritual of letting ‘busy’ go – or post a picture of your letter going up in smoke, here:

*Excerpts from letters may be shared (and then burned), but your name will always be confidential. Busy cannot find you anymore!

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