A few days ago, I woke up ‘in the mood’ to purge paperwork. As I dug through old files I came across a course I created many years ago. I took a break and began to flip through the 55-pages that represented months of research and writing. My first thought was, “wow, this is so good!” My second thought was, “why wasn’t I able to turn my idea, into a profitable success?”

So, there I was, flipping through that old course workbook, trotting down memory lane, and thinking about my passion project (the creation of my Alchemy of Feminine Leadership™ course) and darn if a wave of self-doubt didn’t hit me…what if I can’t do this?

A few days before my paperwork purge, I had tea with an author friend. I had read her wonderful book while on vacation and was curious how her self-published book, went from being sold out of her truck, to being picked up by one of the largest publishing houses in the world (think JK Rowling – yah, big!), with a two-book deal?

As I listened to her story, I realized that she embodies the Six Principles of Success: Clarity, conviction, confidence, compassion, connection and contribution. She splendidly proved to me that with these core principles in place—success as you define it, is very possible, if not inevitable.

A Tale of Two Stories with Wisdom to Further your Desires and your Success…

Years ago, even though I was a ‘go-getter’ and appeared to have it all together the concept of clarity
had not yet entered my world. I lived with mental chaos, overwhelm and believing that to be successful, one must juggle many balls and say “yes” to everyone. 
My friend, channeled her energy in a singular direction so that her efforts were not diluted by distractions (aka, mental chaos) and juggled only one ball – the research and writing of her book.

If I had been asked about my level of conviction to growing my business, I would have said it was great,
but really my conviction was fueled by a fear of failure and a desire to be liked and appreciated – by everyone!

Her conviction was driven by passion – this is the magic wand for forward movement.

My confidence was shaky, and largely influenced by societal inherited beliefs
. I had the bar set high and nothing I did was ever good enough.

Not my friend, at least not anymore. Her confidence was influenced by her internal pilot light – not the influences of other people.

I oozed compassion, that is, for everyone except myself
which meant boundaries were non-existent and at times left me feeling resentful.

Her compassion for the people’s lives her project was touching plus her compassion for herself to fulfill her dream, allowed intuition and empathy to pave the path that kept her mission moving forward.

I thought of myself as a good connector – I love people, but *wow* I often felt threatened
by competition or anyone I deemed ‘better than me’ (which was just about everyone) which made fostering healthy collaboration difficult.

Her ability to connect while being ‘congruent with herself,’ allowed her authentic self to shine. This opened door after door and eventually led to opening the door to a publishing deal writers dream of.

I contributed all over the place, completely depleting my energy
and never asking myself if what I was contributing to was in alignment with my core values (because I had not defined my core values) and completely neglected ‘contribution to self’.

Her contribution to humanity came from knowing that this book she was determined to write, would touch many hearts and to fulfill her desire, she stayed focused and trusted the process.

I’m sure at times, she got off track, felt frustration and had moments of self-doubt. It was a monumental task she took on, to track down 83 years of stories and all the previous owners of her boat. And besides, we’re human, this happens. But we also hold the power to course correct, to get back on track, to ask “is this for the highest and greatest good for what I desire to create?”

These Six Principles of Success I’ve shared here, form the framework for Alchemy of Feminine Leadership™. I’ll be beta-testing the course soon with 2-3 mentoring clients (online and in person), at a discounted price. Curious? Please email me at suzy@suzycarroll.com. To learn more, click here.

So, who is this mystery woman? It’s Kaci Cronkhite, author of ‘Finding Pax’, a love story about a woman and her boat.  A story that weaves its way connecting extended families dating back to 1936. Her passion project brings joy and tears to readers all over the world (myself included) and a reminder of the importance of family, friends and our connection to the past and  present – as well as focusing on ‘what matters most.’

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