My husband and I had a conversation with a couple who had just celebrated 40+ years of marriage. He was saying how his wife was his yin, to his yang. Where he is laid back, easy going and at times directionless, his wife was solid, organized and managed the worrying for the family. We laughed, because the ‘yin/yang’ similarities were quite familiar, except as I told him, “I used to be the worrier, but I’m not anymore.”

Worry is an umbrella word with a plethora of emotions underneath and worry is part of the human existence. We all do it. The question is, how often and how intense is your worrying?

According to the ancestor of worry, is an Old English verb wyrgan, that means “to strangle”.

Need I say more?

Worrying strangles happiness, confidence, creativity. Worrying causes stress, anxiety and unease and women have a tendency, to mix worry up with caring. Right?

Here’s the kicker, that got me to kick the worry habit – Sonia Choquette, in her book ‘Trust Your Vibes’ wrote that worrying is like showering the person (or situation) with bad energy. I’m a mom. I worry about my son because that’s what women do, we worry. When I owned my wellness center store, I would worry about completing a project (ask for help), or concerns with my staff (have a conversation) or my profit margin (breathe, trust).

As I mentioned earlier, worry is apart of human existence, so when worry creeps in, which it does, I ask myself “why and what is this?” And then follow the thread that usually leads to an underlying fear, self-doubt and even not feeling safe.

I joke that I received my PhD in growing mountains out of molehills, that is, until I surrounded myself with a network of support. If I can’t kick the ‘worry’, I talk it out. Whatever you do, don’t hold worry inside where it festers and grows.

A word about future tripping.

Future tripping is when you are worrying about something that hasn’t happened and may never happen – wishing something into existence.

And honestly, has worrying ever improved a situation or helped the person your worrying about?

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