This past June I felt myself flailing in the wind. A sensation that envelopes me shortly before a window opens or a cliff appears…and I jump. It’s usually combined with thoughts like “I’m missing something,” or “this is good, but this isn’t it.”  
Lots of scratching my head ensued and then an email arrived with a thread that I followed that led to hiring Dr. Susanna Maida of Reweaving The World – she helps people find the soul of their business (kind of perfect huh?!). 

How a walk in the woods led to ‘what was missing’
The Sacred Selfishness™ framework is so effective at shifting women out of overwhelm, “but then what?” I asked myself. I felt like something was missing.My answer came from taking my first medicine walk, guided by Susanna. 
Here’s are the basic steps:
#1: Write down a question – mine was “what is my gift that women most need?”
Tuck the question in your pocket and forget about it (not easy) – you’ll be going for a long walk.
Take notice of what catches your eye, even taking pictures.
Hire Susanna to help you decipher it 😉 or let your intuition guide you. I did both.

What caught my eye over and over were host logs supporting new life and interpretive trails overgrown with brush and it came to me…
my area of genius is guiding women to clearing out what blocks their path, inspiring new ideas, new thoughts, supportive behaviors and growing good leaders into great!

This realization led to months of deep, complex thinking, researching, writing, learning – and then the wind began to settle down and a new level of clarity emerged about why I’m doing what I’m doing…

Saving our Planet & Leading with Soul
I’m very concerned about the health of our planet and the people living on it and how being in a leadership role so often leads to depletion, burnout and sadly, even a loss of integrity. The type of leadership I’ve been growing within myself the past ten years, taps into the soul of self and brings forth authentic self-expression, fused with the inner spark that lights a leader’s path from the inside out, invoking an unshakable passion and conviction to the furthering (or beginning) of socially conscious, mission inspired accomplishment.

DRUM ROLL – the piece that was missing…
Announcing: Alchemy of Feminine Leadership™
Women are connected by a common thread (often not spoken about) of “not enough”, “self-doubt”, “self-comparison” and “shaky confidence” (even though we are perceived as having it all together). 
Never-before has our innate and beautiful traits of compassion, connection and contribution been more important to bring forth in the realm of leadership. But these very traits are often what lead to overwhelm and depletion. The Alchemy of Feminine Leadership™ coaching and program frameworkinspires the kind of leadership that shifts mission driven women from self-sacrificing to soul-nourishing (Sacred Selfishness™), sustainable, regenerative contribution to self and to society.

What the World Needs – My Belief
The world needs leaders who have fused the positive traits of masculine and feminine, who are living in alignment with core values and are guided by the strength of integrity, passion, clarity, conviction, confidence and healthy compassion, connection and contribution (The six principals of Alchemy of Feminine Leadership framework).

Alchemy of Feminine Leadership™ provides the ‘grit’ in integrity – it’s ‘soul of self’ leadership. When you live and lead in alignment with who you are, there is no stronger foundation from which to stand on!

We’ve got a planet to save – let’s do it together!

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