I have an idea for you…28 days until the end of 2018 (ya I know, hard to believe)…instead of these 28 days being all about the whirlwind of the holidays, here’s something I did last year, that I’m doing again this year, because I reaped the rewards all year long!

It begins with a question:
What is one thing you can do in the next 28 days, that will make life easier in 2019? So instead of waiting for January 1 as your jump start, to resolving to accomplish something (and we all know how resolutions go), why not use December to ease in?

For example, my ‘one thing’ last December was to clean up my filing system. No small task. My file folders where dog eared, overflowing, labels old and often mislabeled and I cringed every time I needed to file something or find something. What I created has brought a level of ease and simplicity and a smile, every time I open the file cabinet for the past 11 months. Pinterest (almost) quality, color coded, nicely labeled, organized files. Wow!

The challenge with the ‘one thing’ is it (whatever it is) can often feel overwhelming and we don’t want that (no over-ing, right?!) Enter micro goals! Micro goals are a small thing you can accomplish, that brings you closer to accomplishing your one big thing, without feeling overwhelmed.

Cool huh?

If your one thing is to improve your fitness level, then drop and do five…and the next day do six, or if it’s to improve your health, stop the chips and introduce an apple, or if your closet is well, OMG…start with your shoes and the next day shirts. Or perhaps your one thing is a conversation you’ve been avoiding, or as simple as getting that long over-due pedicure (eww). All these ‘things’ we avoid cause an energetic drain that takes up space and…

Point being, who said that a project or goal needs to be completed in one full swoop? No. One. Ever. Except maybe you, to yourself (at least that’s been my experience…you know…bar set high and all).

So, with a new year approaching, what can you do now, that will open space and allow for ease?

Just for fun, I’ve made a pretty PDF (click here) for you to print out and begin micro-goaling your way to your One Thing!
And in the realm of accountability, make your one thing public by commenting below or posting/joining the Sacred Selfishness Facebook group (where posts are only seen by members):

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