Are you feeling the nudge to change careers, shift your focus, start your own business, switch things up, scale back, slow down a bit, do something different?

Does the idea of going at your current pace for another five or ten years fill you with a sense of dread? Are you beginning to ask, after years of striving, pushing and moving fast – “what is it that lights my fire?”

First things first…

#1: Wherever you go, there you are.
Your beliefs, thought patterns, habits and behaviors will go with you into your next career creation, next relationship and even the next town. You can’t escape you. So unless the situation you are in is detrimental to your health, hang on…don’t jump ship yet. There are lessons to be learned and there’s a house (your emotional landscape) to tidy up.

#2: Take notice – what triggers you, what overwhelms you, what drags you down? Your current situation can be ripe with opportunities to rewire reactive habits. This is a great time to ask for help – hire a therapist, coach, mentor or executive business coach.

#3: You’re busy, but…
A business coach told a friend of mine, “you should only be doing, what only you can do.” Are you asking for what you want? Are you delegating? Are you letting go and not being in control all the time (aka loosening your grip)?

#4: Don’t let the turkeys get you down.
If you’d like to do something freeing and liberating,
learn how to let the turkeys flutter about without bothering you at all. In other words, don’t let people get under your skin and don’t take things personally. A great question to ask (often) is “how can I see this differently?”

#5: Stay out of ‘what’ and ‘how’.
There’s a common belief that you must have it all figured out.
It just doesn’t work that way. Here’s a tip that has helped me tremendously: Focus on how you want to feel, not on want you want to do. Trust the process – and toss your roadmap out the window.

#6: What do you loath, like, love – what sparks joy?
Begin a career/life mindfulness practice.
Keep a note pad near by (or use your phone’s note pad) and jot down what you notice during your work day, volunteer activities, home life. What don’t you like, what you do like, what really sparks joy? 

#7: What’s your rhythm?
When I sold my business and stepped out of 35 years of being ‘on’ 24/7, I had no idea what my personal rhythm was. What I discovered is I had lived as if I was a Type A personality (a culturally accepted personality) – I am  NOT type A. I’m much happier (and more productive) without a lot of structure, for others, day to day structure is important. What works best for you?

#8: Begin an adventure – without leaving home.
Before heading out for the day ahead, take a moment to set your intention to discover treasure. Pause often. Ask the question “how can I see or feel this differently”. If your feeling frustrated, pause and ask yourself why. When your feeling happy, peaceful or inspired – pause and ask yourself why. It’s a treasure hunt for which pearls warrant polishing and what to let go of.

#9: Do you know how to stop?
I’m not talking about vacation, but every single day. Are you able to carve out time for yourself? I couldn’t. Every moment was full of doing something. When I stopped, I felt agitated. When I walked, I walked fast and with purpose. Sound familiar? You’re not alone – it’s an epidemic among women along with the mindset of doing “just one more thing.”

#10 Launch a thought.
Crazy, but it works. It was 2002, my thirteenth year working in print media. I was ready for something else and I was clear on two things. #1. It had to be something that helped people. #2. It couldn’t be retail. I launched my thought. Two years later, I became the owner of a nutrition store and wellness center that helped so many people, but… I know, I knowit was retail. Which leads me to…

#11: You don’t always get what you ask for, but you always get what you need.
I had more lessons to learn. I had yet to learn what I’ve shared here, so the universe compromised – we’ll give you a little, plus the perfect situation for you to learn. Those years where fraught with joy, frustration, challenge and in hindsight, I now know it was exactly what I needed.

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