Yup. I get it. I had this syndrome something fierce.

I have no scientific data, only ‘Suzy’ data to back this up, but I’m hazarding a guess that ‘one more thing syndrome’ is connected to avoidance, control and programming – at least is was for me.

– Just one more thing before starting that project.
– Just one more thing before heading out the door to that thing you don’t want to go to.
– Just one more thing to calm your nerves.

– Don’t leave any loose ends because loose ends lead to unraveling.

– If I get it all done, if I’m on top of everything, if I do one more thing, I will feel less agitated and I will not fail.
– If I don’t do it now, I might forget (umm, write it down).

Yes, programming…
– Men have the gift of compartmentalizing. Women have the gift of connecting.
– So in regard to ‘one more thing’ syndrome, women are accessing all compartments of our brains at all times (men have unconnected boxes that open and close).

Having a brain that is so connected can be a bit crazy making as you well know and leads to jumping from one thing to the next thing, to that thing and then over to that other thing…oh wait, “just one more thing and I’m ready to go.”

We’ve programmed our brains to access and search for anything that needs to be done, should be completed, has to be finished, needs to be cared for. This way of thinking has become a habit.

The Cure for ‘One More Thing’ syndrome.
– First step is awareness. Done. I’ve just made you aware!
– Next is to catch yourself and then with conviction say out loud “I’M DONE (or an expletive that rocks your boat).”

Example – I was tidying up the kitchen which is usually a joint effort between my husband and I, but he was outside slinging a sledgehammer into our rock-hard ground. The kitchen is my least favorite place to be (right behind slinging a sledgehammer). I felt my mood sliding, glanced around the kitchen, which wasn’t perfectly tidied and said, “I’m done.”
Did you know it’s okay to not have everything in order?

Even my dog who spends her day curled up next to me, knows the words “I’m done.” She jumps up, I push my chair back, take a deep breath and close the door – figuratively, not literally.

Back to men having the gift of compartmentalizing…ladies take a cue – shut it down, step away, sit on your hands, take a deep breath and move on.

Because, if you don’t, there will always be “one more thing.”  Am I right?

If you haven’t watched the 5-minute video, The Tail of Two Brains, by Mike Gungor, you’ve got to! Both illuminating and over-the-top hilarious! Click here to view.

Here’s to doing ‘one less thing’!


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