Yup. I get it. I had ‘one more thing’ syndrome something fierce.

I have no scientific data, only ‘Suzy’ data to back this up, but I’m hazarding a guess that ‘one more thing syndrome’ is connected to avoidance, control and cultural programming.

– Just one more thing before starting that project.
– Just one more thing before heading out the door to that thing you don’t want to go to.
– Just one more thing to calm your nerves.

– Don’t leave any loose ends because loose ends lead to unraveling.

– If I get it all done, if I’m on top of everything, if I do one more thing, I will feel less agitated and I will not fail.
– If I don’t do it now, I might forget, or worse yet… drop the ball.

Yes, programming…
Men have the gift of compartmentalizing. Women have the gift of connecting.
– In regard to ‘one more thing’ syndrome, women are accessing all compartments of our brains at all times (men have unconnected boxes that open and close).

Having a brain that is this connected as you well know, can be a bit crazy making and leads to jumping from one thing to the next thing, to that thing and then over to that other thing…oh wait, “just one more thing and then I’m ready to go.” Right?

The Cure for ‘One More Thing’ syndrome.
– First step is awareness. You’re reading this – you are now aware.
– Next is to catch yourself and then with conviction say out loud “I’M DONE” (or whatever expletive rocks your boat). Shut the door, close your laptop, WALK AWAY!

Practice being okay with leaving things undone in support of your well-being. After all, there will always be “one more thing”. The ball is in your court.

Here’s to doing ‘one less thing’!


PS If you haven’t watched the 5-minute video, The Tail of Two Brains, by Mike Gungor, you’ve got to! Both illuminating and over-the-top hilarious! Click here to view.

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