Here we are – it’s summer and suddenly our ‘to do’ lists have grown. Not only are there indoor responsibilities, if you have a home with a yard – there are outdoor tasks as well. In my town, summer is festival season, concerts and BBQ’s. My husband and I love camping, hiking, he loves fly fishing and I love my walks and hikes with girlfriends – so many choices for fun!

You would think we would all feel energized, but often this is not the case. We forget the magic rule of sustainable energy…Three + the essentials.

Last week I caught myself sliding down the slope of overwhelm. I was caught between what I wanted to accomplish indoors with my business, and outside in the sun. And then I remembered something a friend who was visiting shared with me.

We were downtown shopping and she purchased a new top and then said, “now I need to decide what I’m going to get rid of in my closet.” Her ‘rule’ was one thing in, one thing out.

I’m very clear which temptations fill up space and time – I love to research. I love to learn. I over-research. I over-learn. Like Alice in Wonderland, I have a tendency to jump down numerous rabbit holes.

So, just like my friends rule of ‘one thing in, one thing out’, with the addition of summer fun opportunities, I made a decision to pare my activities (and temptations) down to three things + the essentials.

For the summer, my focus is: writing, my health, business strategy, plus the essentials – eating, showering, brushing my teeth. I’m letting go of anything that does not fit within ‘my three’, which means no more rabbit holes!

If you find yourself wishing you had more time and energy, ask yourself What can you can let go of during the summer months to keep your closet from over flowing? 

And then read this blog I wrote in 2016 for more insight and ideas:  “Want More Energy? Think About This”


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