Have you ever set out to work on a project that sends your energy (and mood) spiraling down?

That’s what happened to me this morning when I sat down, with topic in hand, to write my Tuesday blog. I found myself continually distracted by the sunny scene outside (we’ve had days of rain), by shiny objects, by my growling tummy, etc…

Here’s what I did (you can do this too):
#1: Reminded myself (again) to not leave things to the last minute.
#2: Got up and moved – air jump roped one hundred times (takes 1 minute & always makes me smile).
#3: Asked myself, what am I excited about, enthused about and happy about?
#4: And…what is it I really want to write about?

Which led to this –

I am very excited to share that my redecorated website – new colors, updated copy and other fun stuff, like my new quiz “Is Busy Getting the Best of You” is live (click here to access the quiz).

I’m inspired to announce that my dream to launch a women’s movement called…Sacred Selfishness™(The Practice of Prioritizing Self) has begun. Beginning’ for me means I’m telling you about it! 

This is a movement inwards; listening to what is working, what isn’t working (not numbing out with busyness), saying ‘no’ more often to others and ‘yes’ more often to yourself, learning how to set and maintain healthy boundaries, gathering support, affecting social change by leading by example and making your well-being a non-negotiable priority!

It’s a process that doesn’t happen overnight and isn’t always easy, but is easier with support and guidance. And I can tell you first hand, once you begin asking yourself what is working, what isn’t working and how can I do this differently? There is no going back.

To learn more, check out my new ‘Join the Movement’ page – click here.  Now that my website is finished (for now) I’m in creation mode – dreaming into new course offerings, perhaps a membership site, group retreats/workshops in your town – so many possibilities!  I’d love to hear your comments, ideas and what type of support would help you embrace Sacred Selfishness, make yourself a priority and overcome overwhelm? Email your thoughts to suzy@suzycarroll.com

And last, but not least, I’m happy  that I scheduled a morning walk with a dear friend (Sacred Selfishness™ in action) and wouldn’t you know it, I bumped into a woman I met at a weekend seminar a few years back, on her first day of a leave of absence, learning how to do less and make herself a priority, without feeling guilty! Coincidence? I think not! 😉

What are you excited, inspired and happy about, and hey, what about making yourself a priority? 

Comment below and please join my facebook group: Sacred Selfishness – The Practice of Prioritizing Self.

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