It’s my birth-day!

I remember years ago when I owned my nutrition store, one of my employees turned 55. She joked around that she was now the speed limit. Well, here I am – the speed limit, or as my husband says, “you are double nickels!”

So much has changed since 1963, my birth year. Yes, the average highway speed limit used to be 55. When I began elementary school, girls had to wear dresses. I grew up with a rotary phone, records and lived through my twenties without a mobile phone. I wore bell bottoms and waffle stompers and lived through many disastrous hair frying perms. The word ‘internet’ didn’t enter my consciousness until my late twenties and I just squeezed in under the baby boomer window.

And none of this matters.

It doesn’t matter what year you were born, how old you are, what changes you’ve seen, what experiences you’ve had. The only thing that matters is how you feel – mind, body and soul. That’s it!

In the fall of 2015 when I embarked on my sabbatical, I wrote a manifesto for the year ahead that included this, “My intention is to find pearls of wisdom within and polish those pearls and bring them to the world. I will create and grow by simply being me – being open, being vulnerable and being willing to feel the parts of me that also need polishing. No judgement, just awareness of what is.”

Three years later, I’m still polishing pearls (and always will be until I take my last breath). Some of my pearls are beginning to shine and clearly reflecting back awareness of ‘what is’. For me, this is the gift that has come from making myself a priority, practicing what I preach – Sacred Selfishness™, focusing on what matters most and learning to let go and trust.

But here’s the thing, just like our clothes closets, we tend to pick up stuff along the way and then we tend to forget to let go of the old stuff that we don’t like, or no longer fits us. Here are a few of the question I’ve been asking myself – spring cleaning for the year ahead:

  • Am I being true to myself?
  • Am I treating myself as well as I treat others?
  • Am I getting out of my own way?
  • Am I stuck in any old stories?
  • Am I seeing my ‘stuff’ and learning?
  • Am I hearing my excuses and stepping forward anyway?

Today, I’m feeling oh-so-grateful, because most of the time, how I feel – mind, body & soul, is pretty darn amazing. The clutter that clouded my vision and left me shaking in my shoes when I dared to peek inside my internal closet doors, has been purged. What more can a girl ask for?

No judgement, just awareness of what is.

Which question are you asking yourself? Post below! xo

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