Image: Quality vs. Quantity
We live in a time in history where ‘moredom’ has become normal, required, and perpetuates the belief that “more” is needed to be successful, fulfilled and enough.

Women are socialized from a young age to believe that you should give more, please more, do more for others, accomplish more and juggle more, and then you will be enough!

For entrepreneurs, media has led you to believe that more likes, more followers, more email list subscribers, more blogs, more content, more tech, more scaling, more knowledge is how you become successful and enough.

For all of us, we are led to believe that more stuff, more clothes, more friends, more invitations, more opportunities, more books, more workshops, more travel, more kale, more exercise, will lead to being enough.

Moredom sacrifices the very thing that leads to living a well-lived life – Quality!
Quality of life. Quality of friendships. Quality of experiences. Quality of work.

Here a Seven signs that Quantity has been placed before Quality.

#1: You’re overwhelmed.
#2: You believe you’re not good enough and not doing enough.
#3: There’s a level of boredom and a belief that “moredom” will fix this.
#4: You cruise social media often… or flip through catalogs dreaming of more.
#5: You desire something new – whether clothing or travel – feeling the pull for “more.”
#6: You’re reading copious amounts of personal growth books, watching TedTalks and listening to podcasts, searching for more.
#7: You work hard, all the time and feel agitated when you are not doing more.

Four ideas to prioritize Quality before Quantity.
#1: Ask yourself questions:
What makes you smile? What energizes you? What drains you? Whose company do you enjoy? Whose company leaves you feeling drained? What gives you pleasure – what doesn’t?

#2: Log off. Unfriend. Unfollow.
Social Media is not going away. You have a choice. Log off or do it differently. Which social media ‘friends’ would you want in your living room or want to cultivate a business relationship with? Unfriend, unfollow, let go and please, never accept a friend request without first looking at that person’s news feed because:
A) They could be a hacker B) You may have nothing in common
Monitor your emotions while cruising social media. Are you feeling uplifted, inspired – or are you feeling dragged down or falling into self-comparison? If it’s the latter, log off immediately.
Remember – it‘s not about quantity, it’s about quality!

#3: What need is being fulfilled by ‘moredom’?
Is it a need to feel appreciated, liked, loved, respected, secure, safe, attractive, important or to fit in? What is driving your ‘more’ – is it FOMO – Fear of Missing Out?

#4: Make room for what matters most.
Think about your favorite treat – how does it make you feel as you chew, taste and experience the flavor, texture and smells? Now think about all the ‘more’ you’ve created or are desiring. What’s juicy, yummy, and leaves lasting pleasure? Release quantity, replace with quality.

#5: Follow the 80/20 rule.
Mark Manson describes this best in his blog ‘How to 80/20 your life’.
80% of your time, 80% of your stuff, 80% of your friends, 80% of your clothes, 80% of your doing…brings fulfillment, pleasure and quality to your life.

Quantity feels depleting and overwhelming.
Quality feels satisfying and fulfilling.  

Which do you choose?


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