December 31st, 2018 marked four years, 48 months, 1,460 days of retreating into myself. It’s been an emotional, revealing, regenerative and shifting ride to say the least, and one that is shifting again to re-engaging and stepping out oh-so-differently.

This past year, in the quiet of my home, in the solitude I created for myself a thought emerged…what comes after overcoming overwhelm? The answer that came to me is ‘leadership done differently’, which led to interviewing women in politics, business owners, organization leaders, coaches and managers.

One woman I interviewed wrapped something I’ve been feeling (and teaching) into one succinct and powerful sentence
“I just want women to release the bullshit messages and legacies we carry forward”.

Whether you have a desire to be a change-maker on a large scale, within your community or in your household – as more women lead themselves from the heart and soul of who they are, collectively we will move mountains. And if being in the public eye or on the front line, isn’t your think, let me tell you – this doesn’t mean you are not a leader too. Each of us has the opportunity, via healthy choices to be a leader of our own life and pave a new way for the younger generation of women riding the wake we leave behind us.

With this thought in mind, here are two questions to ask:

#1: What gets in your way and what supportive choices can you make? Example: 2018 it became very clear how often my ‘not enough stuff’ stopped me. I made a choice and worked with an EMDR therapist to shift childhood wounds. It took me 55 years; but hey, we do things when we are ready. I was ready.

#2: What is your ‘different’ for 2019?
My different is – ‘Out with Ease’ (also my theme for 2019). After four years, I am finally feeling ready and enthused to be out more in-person, in my community and in the world – always with ample periods of pause, rest and reflection and making my well-being a priority.
And…I’m very excited to bring forth a new body of work – ‘The Alchemy of Feminine Leadership’ because effective and impact-full leadership begins with how you lead yourself!

So that’s my different – what’s your ‘different’ in 2019? Write it down, tell a friend, post it here – I’d love to know!

Wishing you the happiest, healthiest, insightful year ahead!

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