#1: Thank you!!
For being here. For joining my email list and for desiring to find a better way and overcome overwhelm. And for those of you who are my friends and former nutrition store customers…thank you for sticking with me – your words of encouragement mean the world to me!

#2: Strange
The online world and way of ‘doing’ business is just strange to me. I grew up in an era without cell phones, computers and OMG – I’m old enough to have had a rotary phone! But, if I’m really honest here, the online world isn’t as much strange as it is uncomfortable, because this is new to me. The solution to uncomfortable is to lean in. I’m leaning, because life on the other side of busy-ness and overwhelm is a life that is fulfilling, peaceful, inspiring and beautiful. I want this for all overwhelmed women! I’m committed and so ‘I lean’ :).

#3: Truth. 
The tools and methods I’ve created help tremendously and they are the reason that today my life has freedom, abundance and peace. But darn it – I have my days that I just struggle. In fact, after my launch into the world of online business, I crashed into the dark abyss big time. Something didn’t feel right – something was missing.

#4: How can I see this differently? 
I used to navigate life from my head. I would map, plan, set goals and stick to the path I set forth. Today I let my feelings lead me. If something feels off, even if on paper it all looks good, this is my signal to ask the question “how can I see this differently”. This question is the ‘pause’ button I used to step out of my head and right into an easy-read romance novel…

#5: Clarity 
Who knew clarity would come from getting lost in a fun book. But it did. Sometimes you just need to shut it all down, to let the light back in. The clarity that came to me is that ‘connection’ is right up there with oxygen and food. Without it, I wither away.

#6: A place to connect 
At my former nutrition store, I would host evening educational events that always ended in people talking, socializing, learning and connecting. This is my missing piece. I’m itching to meet those of you on my email list…but how? I got my answer! If you have ‘leaned in’ to the online world even just a bit, chances are you have a Facebook account. And so…

Please join me at my first ever closed Facebook group – just for busy women. Pop on over, watch the intro video and let’s keep the learning about overcoming overwhelm going! Click here to join!

I define connection as the energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued; when they can give and receive without judgment; and when they derive sustenance and strength from the relationship.” ~Brené Brown

I am so looking forward to meeting you!



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