What if this is it

Where I’m at emotionally and physically is it? My home, my livelihood, my family, my friends, my experiences. What if this is it? Nothing outrageously glorious awaits. My yearning to do something big never materializes. My years of thinking ahead, planning and working hard has led me to – ‘this is it’.

Can I be happy and content right here where I am? Can you?

What if I settled in to this moment in time and let the yearning for more evaporate? What if I slowed down and experienced outrageous gloriousness in every moment? What if every moment in life, as it is right now, was a morsel to be savored and enjoyed?

Could it be that those daily tasks, those moments of frustration, happiness, sadness, those moments of feeling I should do more, the repetition of brushing my teeth, washing my hair, emptying the dish washer, paying the bills are all opportunities for gloriousness?

What if the greatest opportunity was in simply being happy and content with where we are at right now in our life? Infusing every moment with the gloriousness of thoughts, feelings, and experiences from whatever it is we are doing? Staying in the moment, instead of thinking of the past, the future, the next great project, or the next great idea, or the next task to complete.

What if we all lived in the present, experiencing the richness that happens when the mind steps aside and our soul takes over? Would our daily interactions with each other change? Would time slow down? Would life feel richer?

What if we trusted that where we are at right now, was exactly where we are supposed to be?  Would we feel differently? Would we see differently? Would we experience life differently?

Could it be that this world we live in that is always looking for more, better, faster, for what’s ahead and what’s in the future, is missing the greatest gift of all…

The power of the present moment.


I feel that many adults have skipped an important developmental step – learning how to be content in the moment. Just as important as it is for a baby to crawl first and then walk, so many of us have landed in adulthood moving at full speed ahead, programming ourselves to be more, do more and always plan for the future.

I know I skipped this step, ‘cannon balling’ into the world of personal development at age 15, a rockin’ career by age 23 and never stopped with the exception of 3 months on maternity leave. Even then, I was caught up in “doing”. My new daily practice is learning how to be present in every moment, whether it’s cleaning house, walking in the woods, or writing things like this!

“Still the mind and your soul becomes your wisest guide”.

47 days in to my 365 day immersion into ‘being’ instead of doing! Holy Moly!

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