Three Reasons DayDreaming

Focus is a word I hear often. It’s a good word and a good habit, however getting lost, letting your mind wander, day dreaming and jumping down rabbit holes (think Alice in Wonderland) is good for you too!

I’m a big time daydreamer. I dreamed my way to owning a business. I dreamed my way to living in the most beautiful corner of the world. I dreamed up my husband. I dreamed up what I’m doing right now – writing outside in my garden.

In a world of “get as much done as you can in the shortest amount of time”, distractions leave many feeling guilty for wasting time. Read on for three reasons why getting lost is not only good for you, it’s good for your health too.

#1: Just like our bodies need to relax, our brains do too. While our feet can take us for a gentle walk, getting lost, letting our mind wander and takes our brain for a gentle relaxing stroll.

#2: Daydreaming takes you on lovely excursions to places you may or may not go. Daydreaming can also be a place to refuel creativity, develop a winning idea or to simply allow your body and mind to fully relax. For those of you that would rather daydream than be in reality, set a timer and allow yourself a short daydream vacation.

#3: Letting your mind wander away from tasks can actually bring you to the present moment. When our brains are working, it’s usually on a task that affects the future – deadlines, projects, striving towards goals.
Try this to bring yourself back to present time – Listen: What sounds do you hear? Feel: How does your body feel? How does your heart feel?  See: What do you see around you and outside?

Daydreaming changes our thoughts and can even create our reality.

Give it a try! Your next grand idea could come from “checking out” and letting your mind wander to magical places that are all yours to conjure!

Dream on!



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